What kind of car is the DT 466?

What kind of car is the DT 466?

Can’t seem to figure this one out myself, so I figured I’d try here. 2003 International 4300 with the 466, and have been having some issues. Used to start and run beautiful, probably the best running dt I’ve driven.

Where can I find a DT466 wiring diagram?

2004 4300 International Truck Wiring Diagrams Diagram Files Sel I Have 4300 2002 Dt466 Turn Key No Power To Starter Batters Good Found If We Put Ground Wire

What should the high pressure switch be on an international 4300?

Sounds like the high pressure switch is bad. The high side should go up close to 300psi before it cuts the compressor off. The normal opperating range for the high side is 180-250 and your not getting that.

How much Freon does an international 4300 hold?

PUT TWO NEW THERMISTERS IN IT,part #3622764c3 and if its a two door cab it should hold 2 lbs of freon and if its a extra cab it should hold 2.25 lbs.hope this helps.

Is the DT466 truck getting hard to start?

I have had a small problem with it before, usually first thing in the AM. But now it doesn’t want to start no matter what time of the day it is. If its been sitting for any length of time it cranks and will finally start after about 45 seconds. There is nothing else wrong with this truck, this is the only problem it is giving me now.

Where is the fuel pump on a DT-466?

JaymZH2 wrote: fuel pump would be my guess. not sure on the older ones, but the newer DT’s it is on the drivers side mid block towards the front. a couple bolts a 2 lines and your done. I have a 2000 4700 DT-466, would what you call the fuel pump be the same thing they call the “high pressure pump” in the book that the lines from the filter go to??

How much is a DT466 dump truck engine?

It’s a dump truck 1997 international 4700 126k miles, dt466 for $13,500. I will definitely go see it soon. The only down side it’s that its CDL but if its worth it I’ll figure out since my drivers don’t have CDL. See pictures below. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Thanks!

Why does my 1999 IH dt466e keep dying?

I have a 1999 IH DT466E that will not stay running. It will start right up and then run from anywhere from 30 secs. to several minutes. It then dies, but will start back up and do the same thing. I have replaced the fuel filter on the drivers side, and the high pressure oil pump is also new last fall.

What should fuel pressure be in 2005 DT466?

You will see the pressure relief ball. It may be partially unseated by debris causing a drop in fuel pressure. Anyway, you will notice a compuchek fitting on the top of the filter housing cap. You plug in a fuel pressure gauge here to test your fuel pressure. Need 20 psi to start, 65 psi is normal running pressure.

Where is the HPOP on a 1999 dt466e?

On the left side of the engine mounted on the back side of the front cover is the high pressure oil pump. Its also right above the air compressor ( if equipped) or ps pump. On the hpop there is a valve near the bottom of it.

What is the wiring diagram for a DT466 engine?

Diagram 2005 International 4300 Wiring Diagrams Starter Full Version Hd Quality Outletdiagram Politopendays It 2002 International Truck Dt466 Sel Engine Fuel System Schematics Kc Light Wiring Harness Vww 69 Tukune Jeanjaures37 Fr

Why does my DT466 start warm / hot?

The FACT that it starts good warm/hot MEANS that you DO NOT have a problem with the HPOP, IPR valve or other HEUI mechanical components because if you did, it would not start HOT very well. THEN re-install the good batteries and try it. On the cheap and quick, use a charger to boost voltage during cranking set to 12V Med or LESS.

What to do if your dt466e has no power?

3. get it hokked up to a prolink scan tool or any scan tool with the hd hook up, sweep the cam sensor and check memory codes, it might run with a bad sensor but it wont necessarily fire on all six, it might be missing on 1 or 2 cyl.

Why does my DT466 start harder cold than hot?

To answer your voltage question, that’s EXACTLY what is likely causing your problem. On a cold engine it takes more battery power to crank the engine compared to a HOT engine, so it starts harder cold – we all know that.

What to do if your DT466 fires right off?

Try putting a battery charger on it, 12V low or Med at most, if it THEN fires right off, you’ve got a bad connection somewhere in the ECM or IPR circuits- This is VERY common. Thanks for all the input guys, I think I may have an idea what’s happening, correct me if I’m off track.

How big is a DT466 diesel car battery?

CLEAN and Tq the electrical connections, 18 lb-ft is typical for all of them. Thanks for all the help guys! Just had the batteries tested, they’re strong.

Why does my international 4300 engine not start?

Replaced injector, put new orings on hipop. It will not start. Runs on ether but dies as soon as ether stops. Replaced both batteries. Checked fuses by batteries. All good. We pulled the ipr and bench tested it. It was working. Scanner says 8 engine codes. They are: FMI=4 VOLTAGE BELOW NORMAL OR SHORTED TO LOW SOURCE.