What kind of oil does a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster take?

What kind of oil does a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster take?

The Right Synthetic Motor Oil for Your 2009 Harley-Davidson XL/XLH Sportster. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 2009 Harley-Davidson XL/XLH Sportster. They resist the devastating effects of extreme heat, even in rally or parade traffic on hot days.

What kind of oil does a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 take?

For Sportster 883cc and 1200cc motorcycles, the AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for both the engine and transmission. Older Shovelheads, Panheads and Flatheads the recommendation is to use AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic oil for optimum performance and protection.

How to change oil in a Harley Davidson Sportster?

This oil change was performed on a 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster, and would be similar on other rubber mount Sportsters from 2004 and up. Purchase your motor oil online at http://www.jpcycles.com/motorcycle-oi… and all of the tools you’ll need for the job at http://www.jpcycles.com/motorcycle-wo….

How often should I change the oil on my Harley Davidson?

Oil changes are the easiest and most cost effective way to prolong the life of your motorcycle and should be performed every six months or 3000 miles. Learning to change your oil could save a $100 to $150 dollars a year and when you’ve completed the task at hand you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

How does the oil drain work on a Harley Davidson?

Unlike most vehicles, the Harley Sportster Evolution Engine has an oil drain tube, not a plug. This tube is attached by a house clamp to a nipple welded to the frame. Loosen the house clamp with a Flathead Screwdriver. Do not remove the tube until you have your drain pan in position.

What kind of oil do you put in a Harley Davidson transmission?

Refilling Transmission Oil. Using a funnel, pour 32 ounces (one bottle) of Harley Davidson Transmission and Primary Chaincase Lubricant into the primary chain inspection hole.

How often do you change the oil on a Sportster?

Sportster Transmission Oil Change. After the 1000 mile check-up, the Sportster transmission oil is changed every 10,000 miles. Changing the transmission fluid is a straight forward procedure, and for about $10.00 in parts, is a much cheaper solution than bringing it to the dealer.

Which is oil to use in the 1200L Sportster?

:loco:locoI have a 2009 sportster 1200 L what oil can I use in it without having to buy oil from the Harley dealer? I have heard I can use Mobil One 20-50 with out any problem..I appreciate your reply’s….Mugs

Where is the oil filter on a Harley Davidson Sportster?

The oil filter on a Harley-Davidson Sportster is between the front cylinder and the frame and is pretty easy to access. If your Sportster has a K&N oil filter on it you’ll need a 17mm bit to remove it. Some Sportsters will need a 76-14P oil wrench like this one.

What do you need to change the oil on a Harley Davidson?

What you’ll need 1 20W50 semi-synthetic motorcycle oil. 2 K&N KN-170 oil filter or other compatible oil filters like this one. 3 Oil filter wrench, or if you want one kit that will cover every oil filter size, I love my 30-piece kit. 4 Oil drain pans. 5 A small flat head screw driver. 6 Disposable gloves.