What kind of oil does a YZ125 use?

What kind of oil does a YZ125 use?

Tusk Transmission Oil Change Kit Yamalube All Purpose 10W-40 – Fits: Yamaha YZ125 2003-2019.

How often should you change the oil on a YZ125?

Replace your transmission oil once for every 20 hours of riding.

How much oil does a YZ 125 take?

Transmission Oil Capacity

Milliliters U.S. oz.
Oil Change 650 21.98
Total Capacity 700 23.67

What oil does a 2001 YZ125 take?

Yamaha YZ125 2001, SI-7 Synthetic 2T Engine Oil, 1 Liter by Bel-Ray®. Bel-Ray® Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is a 2-stroke motorcycle oil specifically formulated for use in injector/autolube systems, but can be used as pre-mix…. V-Twin™ SAE 10W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil, 1 Liter by Bel-Ray®.

How many hours is YZ125?

We have seen up to 35-40 hours on a YZ125 top end but that’s stretching it a bit far and we wouldn’t recommend prolonging standard maintenance that long.

How much oil do I put in my 2000 yz125?

time in a bottle the needed amount is stamped on the engine case near the fill cap. its a precise amount somewhere around 600-700 cc’s .

How much oil do I put in my 2001 yz125?

The manual calls for 0.65L or 650ml for a periodic oil change which is about 22 ounces.

What kind of oil does a Yamaha YZ125 use?

I experimented with everything from thin to thick in my YZ125: I too was regularly getting missed shifts but, that issue has completely gone away since I’ve switched to a 10W-30 semi-synthetic diesel engine oil that isn’t even JASO rated.

Which is the best year of the YZ125?

AGREED +1 ive owned 5 125’s in the last year and i like the yz best…the 2005 and 2006 are great bikes:ride: I would say 06+ just because of the new forks with the speed sensitive dampning but they are all truly awesome Im going to have to call b.s on a 98 yz125 making 38 hp in stock form,modified I could see it making 38+ hp ,but not stock.

What was the horsepower of the 98 YZ 125?

The 98 and 99 yz 125 were great bikes, but never put out anything close to 38 hp in real life. The new 125 is 10 lbs lighter and has a few more horsepower. In reality it is at 32-33 hp in stock form. The 98-99 would have been closer to 30-31. Even KTM, who makes a monster 125 motor, never cracked 38 in stock form. They were closer to 35-36

What kind of oil does a Yamaha Aerox use?

Yamaha Engine Oil Chart Make Model Engine oil Oil Capacity YAMAHA AEROX 100 (YQ100) 2-Stroke Oil 1.4 – JASO FC YAMAHA AEROX R 2-Stroke Ext Tank 1.1 L YAMAHA AEROX R YAMAHA AEROX R POWER 2-Stroke Oil 1.4 – JASO FC or ISO EGC or D