What kind of truck is a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia?

What kind of truck is a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia?

2012 Freightliner Cascadia, Non Sleeper, Tandem Axle day cab, Detriot Diesel DD15, 10 speed trans, air conditioning, air ride, clean truck fleet maint… 2012 FREIGHTLINER, CASCADIA 125, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Day Cab Trucks, Cummins ISX, Manual, Fyda Freightliner Cincinnati Inc., 2012 Cascadi…

Is the Freightliner ecascadia an electric semi truck?

An electric semi with an 82,000 lb GVW, the eCascadia is perfect for short-haul, last-mile logistics, with the superior performance, comfort and driver experience you’d expect, all in a Freightliner electric Cascadia—a truck that makes great business sense. Watch to Learn More

What kind of tires does a Cascadia truck have?

Manual 10 speed with DD13 Detroit motor 530k miles6 inch left with 3leef springs with 315 front tires new and new rear tires 2ply no recaps . no leaks… 2012 FREIGHTLINER, CASCADIA 113, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Day Cab Trucks, Detroit DD13, Manual, , 410 Horse Power, Air Ride Suspension, All St…

What kind of battery system does Freightliner use?

In addition to implementing comprehensive eCascadia battery testing for emergency shut off, fire resistance and submersion, Freightliner has pioneered the most innovative, comprehensive safety systems in trucking, powered by Detroit Assurance ®.

Is there a 2012 Detroit DD15 engine for sale?

2012 Detroit DD15. Used diesel engine for sale. 560HP. Tested and inspected with warranty. Call or visit our website for more information. Over 300 Engines In Stock! Most units include buyers assurance! Detroit, Cummins, International, Paccar.

How much does it cost to overhaul a Freightliner DD15?

Freightliner mechanics say it will cost me around $28-30k for complete overhaul. There’s also another option – I know a person who’s selling DD15 with 350k miles on it for around $15k.

What is the Regen code on a Freightliner Cascadia?

I have a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia with dd15. The regen keeps aborting. Code is 3713 fmi 31. I’ve changed out all 3 Have truck repair questions? Ask an Expert By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

When did the new Cascadia truck come out?

In 2014, the company followed that up with the Cascadia Evolution, which featured the brand-new 400-horsepower Detroit DD15 engine. The most recent model, which Freightliner refers to as “the New Cascadia,” was revealed in 2016.

What kind of headlights does a Cascadia truck have?

This 2018 Freightliner Cascadia comes equipped with a DD15 paired with a DT12. On the outside this truck has a chrome grille, dual hood mounted mirrors, LED headlights, aluminum wheels, 3/4 fairing… See More Details

Where are the Freightliner Trucks in Las Vegas?

Called “Electric Island,” the site opened with eight light-duty vehicle charging stations, and will eventually include megawatt chargers, on-site energy storage, solar power generation, and a product and technology showcase building.

Who is the shop foreman for Freightliner Trucks?

Technician: roybelding, Shop Foreman Freightliner trucks replied 11 months ago There is a tag on the housing under the hood. If not, then all they have to do is go to service link from freightliner and it tells you all the information and capacities.

What kind of truck is a 2014 Cascadia?

2014 Freightliner CASCADIA 125, , This is a 2014 Freightliner CASCADIA 125 RYDER CERTIFIED Tandem Axle Tractor – Manual transmission-80000 GVW…. 2014 Freightliner CASCADIA 125, , This is a 2014 Freightliner CASCADIA 125 RYDER CERTIFIED Tandem Axle Tractor – Manual transmission-52000 GVW….

How big is a day cab Cascadia tractor?

This tractor is a single axle, day cab with a GCWR of 64,000 lbs. It is an excellent tractor and has been maintained on schedule and we have all the m…

How to add constant power to Freightliner Cascadia?

Locate a constant power source that measures 8-30 volts with engine off or on. Zonar recommends attaching an Add-A-Fuse connector to the constant power wire. This will allow tapping directly into a fuse for ease of installation and maintenance. This install requires an ATM Add-A-Fuse (Add-A-Circuit) as shown below.

How to install zone tags on a Freightliner Cascadia?

Clean the surface area of the asset with isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner before installing tags. Remove the adhesive from the asset tag and record the Tag ID number on an asset sheet: See the Zonar Configuration Document for proper zone tag placement. Install the zone tags in the proper areas for the corresponding vehicle inspection type.

Where to find gpsid number on Freightliner Cascadia?

Find the GPSID (S/N) number on the back of the unit. This number may be 7 or 8 digits long. Record the asset (vehicle name) and the GPS being installed—this is important in order for the Zonar data to attach to the correct asset.

What do you know about Daimler Cascadia trucks?

Daimler Trucks North America says providing access to powerful analytics tools will help fleet managers more effectively use the data they collect.

Who is responsible for the condition of a Freightliner truck?

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to verify the existence and condition of any equipment listed. Neither the dealership nor eBizAutos is responsible for misprints on prices or equipment.