What should be the clearance above ground for overhead lines?

What should be the clearance above ground for overhead lines?

(4) For extra-high voltage lines the clearance above ground shall not be less than 5.2 metres plus 0.3 metre for every 33,000 volts or part thereof by which the voltage of the line exceeds 33,000 volts: Provided that the minimum clearance along or across any street shall not be less than 6.1 metres.

How far off the ground should power lines be?

According to the National Electrical Safety Code, telephone lines must be at least 14 feet above the ground and electrical lines must be at least 15-½ feet above the ground. Sometimes, though, the lines will hang lower than the allowable minimum heights.

What is ground clearance of transmission line?

As per Indian Electricity Rule 1956, Clause No 77, the minimum distance between bottom conductor and ground of a 400KV transmission line is 8.84 meter. As per this clause, of IE 1956, minimum ground clearance of 33KV uninsulated electrical conductor is 5.2 meter.

What is the safe clearance distance for 132kv overhead electrical lines?

Vertical Clearance between Electrical Line and railway tracks

KV Clearance (Min)
66 KV 14 Meter
132 KV 14.6 Meter
220 KV 15.4 Meter
400 KV 17.9 Meter

What is the minimum clearance provided for the 132 line from the ground?

ANSWER: 6.4 m.

What is the minimum vertical clearance over a road for a telecommunication cable?

(c) A minimum vertical clearance of 18 feet shall be maintained for overhead power and communication lines crossing all highways.

What is minimum electrical clearance?

110-26 of the National Electrical Code (NEC): 1) at least a 3-ft clearance in front of all electrical equipment; 2) a 30 in. -wide working space in front of equipment operating at 600V or less; and 3) minimum headroom clearance of 6 ft or the height of the equipment, whichever is greater.

What is the minimum ground clear distance for 11KV overhead line?

Clearance above ground of the lowest conductor As per IE Rule 77

Over head Line Across Street
Low and Medium Voltage 5.8 Meter
Low/Medium /HT line up to 11KV If Insulated Conductor 4.0 Meter
Above 11 KV Line 5.2 Meter
Above 33KV Line 5.8 Meter + Add 0.3 meter for every additional 33KV

What is the minimum distance for overhead service drop clearance over alleys?

Eighteen feet (5486 mm)—over public streets, alleys, roads or parking areas subject to truck traffic.

Which type of insulator is used on 132 kV transmission lines?

Disc type insulators: The pin insulator is used in power distribution for the voltage up to 33kV. It is placed on the cross arm of the supporting tower. The pin insulator has grooves on the upper end for keeping the conductor.

What is horizontal spacing between phase conductors of 132 kV line?

ANSWER: 8 m.