What was the second LEGO video game?

What was the second LEGO video game?

Lego Island
Following the second game, Lego Island, developed and published by Mindscape, The Lego Group published games on its own with its Lego Media division, which was renamed Lego Software in 2001, and Lego Interactive in 2002.

What order did the Lego games come out?

Windows PC

  • LEGO Island (1997)
  • LEGO Chess (1998)
  • LEGO Creator (1998)
  • LEGO Loco (1998)
  • LEGO Friends (1999)
  • LEGO Rock Raiders (1999)
  • LEGO Racers (1999)
  • Alpha Team (2000)

When was LEGO Indiana Jones?

June 3, 2008
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures/Initial release dates

Are LEGO video games for adults?

I can scientifically confirm that LEGO video games ARE indeed fun for adults and kids alike. Everyone will have a different time playing each title, so I recommend choosing something you know you’ll get invested in, if you only really like Star Wars then you probably shouldn’t play LEGO Batman!

What Lego game is the hardest?

LEGO Dimensions is definitely the hardest, but not counting that, LEGO Star Wars TCS.

When did the Lego Movie video game come out?

The LEGO Movie Videogame is a video game based on The LEGO Movie. It was released on February 7th, 2014 Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. Lord Business raids the lair of Vitruvius in order to claim the Kragle.

Is there a Lego The Hobbit video game?

Even though Lego the Hobbit: The Video Game is supposed to be about the entire Hobbit Franchise, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies was not added to the game. Best lego game since lord of the rings. When i first started this game i noticed it was different.

Who are the characters in the Lego Movie?

1 Orion Acaba – 2 Laura Bailey – 3 David Boat – 4 Robert Clotworthy – 5 Robbie Daymond – Randy, Knight #1, Foreman #2 6 Jessica DiCicco – Wyldstyle, Uni-Kitty, Gail the Construction Worker 7 Benjamin Diskin – 8 Keith Ferguson – Emmet, Lord Business, Robot #2 9 Todd Hansen – Gandalf 10 Roger L. Jackson – MetalBeard

Where do you meet Vitruvius in Lego Worlds?

While in Flatbush Gulch, Wyldstyle states that Bricksburg is one of many LEGO realms where everyone traveled to until Lord Business got too confused with the chaos and erected walls to cut off each location. He even hired Bad Cop to round up every Master Builder where some of them went into hiding. They meet up with Vitruvius at a saloon.