When was the original Duramax water pump removed from my truck?

When was the original Duramax water pump removed from my truck?

This photo shows the original 2001 model year water pump that was removed from my truck in October 2016. You can clearly see evidence of heat being used on the gear hub and heat-treatment having been applied to the gear teeth. In addition, the photo at the top of the page is a photo I took in March of 2001 at the DMAX engine plant in Moraine, Ohio.

Is the Duramax water pump still corrosion resistant?

From a corrosion standpoint, all wetted surfaces involved with the water pump are as pristine as when they were first assembled more than 16 years ago. This means that Dex-Cool is vastlysuperior to any other coolant used by GM.

How long does it take to fix a water pump?

Alldata says 5.9 hours. Mitchell’s says 7.5 hours. Preparing correctly, it can be done in 4 hours. Dealer quote will most likely land in the $1100 parts and labor.

Do you have to pull starter on GM water pump?

Going by the book GM says to pull the starter and install the flywheel holding tool for breaking the balancer bolt loose and tightening it. This is where a lot of the excess time comes in. If you get the Lisle tool kit you can shave off an hour or better right there by not having to pull the starter.

What to do if your Duramax water pump is broken?

To fix a broken or leaking water pump, you just have to replace it. We recommend using a quality OEM water pump when you replace your broken one. Depending on your truck’s mileage, you should also consider replacing nearby parts like the water pump housing, or even the thermostat.

What are the common problems with 6.6L Duramax?

9 Common 6.6L LB7 Duramax Problems. 1 1. LB7 Duramax Injectors. The most notorious LB7 Duramax problem is their original injectors. Even GM acknowledged their problems when they corrected 2 2. Lack Of A Fuel Lift Pump. 3 3. Fuel Filter Housing O-Ring Leaks. 4 4. Water Pump Failures. 5 5. Overheating.

What makes up a Duramax water pump cartridge?

As the lead-in photo and the above photos illustrate, the water pump actually consists of two primary components – the cartridge that includes the impeller and drive gear, and the outer housing that routes coolant both coming and going.