Where are the SAC bases located?

Where are the SAC bases located?

Strategic Air Command
Branch United States Air Force
Type Major Command / Specified Command
Garrison/HQ 9 November 1948: Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska 21 October 1946: Andrews Field, Maryland 21 March 1946: Bolling Field, District of Columbia
Motto(s) “Peace is Our Profession”

When did SAC become stratcom?

In 1992, Offutt Air Base faced massive changes. Tensions around the world quieted down, and it was a good time for the United States to reorganize its Air Force. After 46 years, SAC was deactivated on June 1, 1992.

What are SAC bases?

Strategic Air Command Bases. Strategic Air Command Bases. This section contains a web page for each air base used by the Strategic Air Command. Most of them were assigned to the command and are thus considered “SAC Bases.” SAC units were often assigned to other bases and these are also listed.

Why was SAC created?

Background: The Strategic Air Command (SAC) was created on March 21, 1946 and assigned the mission of deterring aggression through “long range offensive operations in any part of the world” and “maximum range reconnaissance over land or sea”.

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