Where can I buy a 1993 Ford Aeromax?

Where can I buy a 1993 Ford Aeromax?

Sold By: BASKIN TRUCK SALES LLC. 1994 FORD LTA9000, CUMMINS N14 DIESEL ENGINE, 10 SPEED TRANSMISSION, 12K FRT, 40K REARS, 17’6″ FROM CAB TO REAR OF FRAME. 1993 Ford LTL Aeromax call for price Year: 1993 Make: Ford Model: LTL Aeromax Color: Black SN: PVA09273 Engine Year: 1992 Engine Make: Detroit Engine Model: 60 Series Engine Type: 11.1L…

What is the diagnostic code for a Ford?

Select Your Ford’s Diagnostic Trouble Code. Body Codes. B103B. B103C. B103D. B1111. B1113. B111B. B111C.

What does part number c8az-1007-e mean?

A similar Ford part number looks like this: C8AZ-1007-E C = Decade of design (1960’s) 8 = Year of the decade (1968) A = Car line (Ford) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) E = Design change (4th revision, not including original design) Note that this wheel assembly is no longer a Thunderbird design, but was initiated for Ford vehicles.

Where do you find the date code on a Ford part?

Some parts may include a date code indicating when the part was manufactured. Date codes are located in various areas, and are normally comprised of 3 or 4 digits. 9 = Year (1949/1959/1969/1979/1989/1999) Actual year can be determined by checking the part number of that component for the decade code.

What kind of engine does a 1997 Ford Aeromax have?

Nice 1997 Ford LTA9000 Series T/A Truck with Super-Sucker Dry Vac Vacuum System. This has a CAT 3406 Engine showing 573,763 miles, Eaton 10-Speed Transmission, Roots 1021-DVJ Vacuum Blower Motor wi… See More Details

When did the Ford Aeromax dump truck come out?

1995 Ford Aeromax dump truck As a response to the aerodynamic Kenworth T600, for 1988, Ford introduced its own aerodynamic semitractor. Named AeroMax L9000, the new design was an extensive upgrade of the L-9000.

What kind of truck is Ford Caterpillar 3406?

5EK caterpillar 3406 13 speed trans, air ride, 205” WB, 24.5’s aluminum, dual 150 gal fuel tanks, Maintenance records provided, ready for work. We’re sorry, we could not issue pre-approval based on the information provided. Please complete a full application by clicking “Apply Now”.