Where is the blower on a Chevy Silverado?

Where is the blower on a Chevy Silverado?

It controls the blower speeds for low, medium speeds. It is in the air stream of the blower plenum, usually under the hood on the passenger side at the fire wall. Usually held in with 2 screws and has a wire connector with 4 or 5 wires in it.

Why is my blower not working on speed 5?

If your blower is not working on speed 5 then the blow motor resistor (I think its called that) is burnt and you need a new one. It is a 5 minute fix.

Why is my blower not working on my GMC Sierra?

When you switch to high,the blower motor relay coil circuit is grounded and voltage is now applied directly through the relay to the blower motor; bypassing the resistors. So, I would look to see if the relay is ok. It is a five terminal relay.

Where is the relay on a blower motor?

It is a five terminal relay. Normally closed allows power from the relay pack to the blower motor, but when energized it switches to allow direct battery voltage to the motor for full speed operation. And I believe, but cannot be sure, the relay may be located near the resistor pack and that might be the clicking you hear.

How does a 3 speed blower motor work?

Older style blower motor resistor with exposed resistor elements. The blower motor resistor is what’s responsible for giving you three blower speeds. The resistor block contains three different high resistance coils. Think of these coils like a filament in a light bulb.

Why does my blower only work on high speed?

If your blower only operates on its highest speed, chances are you have the series type of blower motor resistor. This is the most common failure mode. To repair the problem, simply replace the resistor block.

What happens when the resistor on a blower motor fails?

The coil resistance causes them to heat up, thereby reducing the amount of voltage that can flow to the blower motor. When a resistor coil burns out, you lose that fan speed. A blower motor resistor can fail in several ways; since many are designed in series, if one resistor fails, you loose speeds 1-3.

Where is the AC blower motor resistor harness located?

If you can no longer adjust the air speed with your AC controls or your AC system no longer blows chances are you need a new Blower Motor Resistor. This COMPLETE KIT includes the Blower Motor Resistor and New Wire Harness. The AC Blower Motor Resistor is located on lower passenger side dash and is easily accessible by removing a few screws.