Where is the camshaft idler gear located on a Detroit Diesel?

Where is the camshaft idler gear located on a Detroit Diesel?

The camshaft idler gear is mounted to the rear of the bull gear on the same carrier, and rotates along with the bull gear at the same speed. This camshaft idler gear drives the adjustable idler gear, which in turn, drives the camshaft drive gear. See Figure “Gear Train and Related Parts” .‪ 1. Bull Gear Retaining Nut‪ 14.

Can a camshaft drive gear cover be removed?

Several access covers are provided on the gear case cover for service of the engine without removing the gear case cover. Removal of the camshaft drive gear access cover will allow the removal of the camshaft drive gear-to-camshaft bolt for camshaft and cylinder head removal without removing the gear case cover.

How to remove gear case on Detroit Diesel engine?

Refer to “1.10.2 Removal of Engine Gear Case Cover” and perform all of the steps under “Removal of Gear Case Cover”. ‪ For engines equipped with the compact gear train refer to and perform all the steps under “Removal of Gear Case Cover”. ‪

Where is the camshaft located in an engine?

The camshaft is driven by a camshaft drive gear, located in the gear case at the front of the engine and is driven, through a series of intermediate gears, by the crankshaft timing gear. Refer to “ Check Engine Timing” for gear train information and camshaft drive gear lash measurement and adjustment procedures.

What are crank and CAM tools for Detroit Diesel engines?

New crankshaft and cam tools include a crankshaft seal and wear sleeve installer, an alignment tool and replacement tip, along with a cam gear alignment fixture, retaining tool and an alignment tool. Each tool is for use on multiple variants of Detroit Diesel engines.

What is the OTC cam gear alignment tool?

Cam Gear Alignment Tool (#5882) – The OTC Cam Gear Alignment Tool aligns the cam gear during camshaft assembly installation. The special pin on the 5882 fits into the cam timing hole on Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines for proper alignment.

How much horsepower does a Detroit 60 series have?

DETROIT 60 SERIES 12.7 LITER 1 500 Horsepower 2 1650 Torque 3 3 Year 300k mile standard warranty from Fitzgerald (in-house only) 4 Warranty upgrades available (in-house only) 5 Most popular pre EGR Detroit Diesel engine available

How to check the camshaft timing of a diesel engine?

Flowchart for Repair or Replacement of Gear Train and Engine Timing – Part 3 of 3 When an engine is out of time, the camshaft timing can be checked by following the camshaft timing check procedure. Refer to “ Testing of Camshaft Timing for Diesel Engines” .