Where is the vin on a international 4300?

Where is the vin on a international 4300?

Locate the VIN. Look for it on the left side of the windshield attached to the dash, the door frame or pillar and on the firewall. It can also be found on the vehicle title.

What engines did international make for Ford?

Ford Power Stroke engine

Power Stroke engine
Manufacturer Navistar International (1994-2010) Ford Motor Company (2011-present)
Also called Ford Powerstroke
Production 1994-present

Does Ford still use Navistar engines?

In a press release issued on Navistar’s website, Navistar states the two companies will end their current diesel engine supply agreement effective Dec. 31, 2009. Ford will pay an unspecified amount to Navistar, but both companies will continue to collaborate on a range of other initiatives going forward.

Is the 2004 International 4300 truck CARB compliant?

DT466 7.6L Diesel Engine With 285 HP, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission with Push Button Range Selector, 4X2-Rear… This truck is not carb compliant in california. Selling for out of state use, or engine removal of parts truck runs fine starts right up no check engi…

What does the VIN number on an international car mean?

Every International car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more.

What’s the price of a 2004 International Truck?

2004 International 4700 Dt 466- Automatic- 26′ Hi Cube box with aluminum ramp- lo pro for easy loading- perfect furniture delivery truck- rebuilt engine- runs great. Only $14,900Power Steering, A/C: Excellent, Cruise Control, Power Windows: Other, Overhaul, Turbo; 4×2.

What are the numbers on an international truck?

The eighth character is used for engine configuration information. There were many sizes and types of engines used for International truck applications. The ninth digit is used as a check digit for VIN verification and authenticity. The 10th character gives the model year information.