Which is the first lock to fail on a Volvo?

Which is the first lock to fail on a Volvo?

The first lock to fail was front passenger door. Unable to open from inside or out. As I had a disabled passenger this was a real problem. I sent for Volvo assist who were with me in just under an hour. By that time I’d managed to open the door by continually trying from the remote key fob and the driver’s door mounted locking button.

What’s the problem with my Volvo door unlocking?

Took it into the dealer who said there was a upgraded lock with a different wiring loom as it was a known fault. I had to wait about 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. Took them about an hour to fit, there have been no problems since. My vehicle is MY13 cross country D2.

Why does my car remote not unlock the door?

Q: My remote won’t unlock or lock the driver side door but opens the other doors. My driver side door just stopped locking and unlocking when using the remote. The remote will open and lock the other doors. My car has 67000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.

Is there a problem with the lock on a Volvo V40?

I can’t say that I have experienced this in the 14 months I have had my V40. Easy, report it to the dealorship, volvo has a known problem for the locks on some cars. Got the lock on the driver door replaced on my last car. I had a similar issue. The dealer replaced the lock.

Is there a door lock problem on my Volvo V40?

See this other thread on the topic of door locks: http://www.volvov40club.com/forums/7-volvo-v40-general-discussion/794-door-locking-4.html#post240034 My car is outside the 3 year warranty, but “Volvo uk have a policy action in that Volvo have agreed to sort out this apparent lock problem of an additional year (yr4)”.

What should I do if my Volvo FOB is not working?

Just to emphasize, you need to turn the ignition on with one key – which means leaving it in its slot overnight, then disconnect the battery. Hopefully you can lock the doors manually with the other key, as the central locking won’t work without battery power.

How do you unlock the door on a Volvo?

Using the unlock button on driver’s door, using the remote, using the door handle – none of it worked. In both situations we actually had to crawl across the seat to get out.