Who is Julie Banderas married to?

Who is Julie Banderas married to?

Andrew Sansonem. 2009
Julie Banderas/Spouse

Where did Julie Banderas go to college?

Emerson College
Julie Banderas/Education

Does Julie Banderas have a sister?

Melissa Bidwell
Julie Banderas/Sisters

Who is Julie Banderas father?

Howard D. Bidwell
Julie Banderas/Fathers

Where was Julie Banderas born?

Hartford, CT
Julie Banderas/Place of birth

Is Fox News Julie Banderas married?

Julie Banderas/Spouse
Personal life. Banderas’ husband, Andrew J. Sansone, a member of the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity and founding president of both Old Rock Media and Big Apple Channel, proposed marriage to her with a message-in-a-bottle that he pretended to discover on the beach while clam digging on Long Island Sound.

Is Ainsley Earhardt married?

Will Proctorm. 2012–2019
Kevin McKinneym. 2005–2009
Ainsley Earhardt/Spouse
In October 2012, Earhardt married former Clemson University quarterback Will Proctor. They have one child.

What does Jill Rhodes do for a living?

Jill Rhodes/Professions

How old is Jill Rhodes?

59 years (August 27, 1962)
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What does Jill Hannity do?

Who is Julie Banderas on Fox News Channel?

Julie Banderas (born Julie E. Bidwell on September 25, 1973) is an American television news anchor for the Fox News Channel. She formerly used to host Fox Report Weekend until making her move to a weekday anchor role. She currently serves as a primary fill in anchor Monday-Friday.

What kind of job does Julie Banderas have?

She gained popularity and fame as an anchor for shows such as America’s News Headquarters and Fox Report Weekend airing on Fox News Channel. Currently, she is working as a news correspondent and anchor for the Fox News Channel.

Where did Julie Banderas live as a child?

Julie Banderas was born in Hartford, Connecticut, the United States on September 25, 1973. She is of American nationality but her ethnicity is Colombian. Her father is Howard D. Bidwell and her mother is Fabiola R. She spent her childhood along with her sister named Melissa.

How many followers does Julie Banderas have on Twitter?

Julie Banderas is quite active only on popular social media like Twitter. She has more than 91.2k followers on Twitter and around 4.3k followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, she is not active on Facebook.