Why are the dome lights on my Sonoma not working?

Why are the dome lights on my Sonoma not working?

My dome lights on my 1998 sonoma do not work either the reading lamps or the overhead light. The fuse seems fine and has been tested anything else I can do? Also my light indicator for my 4 wheel drive does not show whether I am on 4 wheel or not anything as to why that is? Thanks! I am wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem.

How do you turn off a headlight in a car?

Toggling the headlight switch will turn them back on, but sometimes they’ll turn off 3-4 times in a minute. Other times I can drive for 20-30 minutes and it won’t happen once. I noticed that I’ll hear a series of clicks from the relays in the glove compartment and the lights will dim and flicker.

Why does the left headlight open when the parking brake is on?

In looking through a Haynes guide at a “typical” headlight wiring diagram with DRL I found that there’s a ground to the left headlight that is open if it senses the parking brake is on [which I guess mine is sensing]. Also, if I push the parking brake down and let it thwack back up that generally turns on my headlights.

What to do when your lights go off in Your Truck?

Use #10 gauge wire. Replace poor looking battery cables. Sand clean the body ground connection and use a good grease before mounting it. I have had this truck for three years running fine. Recently I noticed that if I have my lights switched on, they will randomly flicker or shut off altogether.

Why are my instrument panel lights not working?

Almost like its some sort of safety measure since the instrument panel lights dont work. 99 out of 100, it’s always a bad ground when things look alien. Ground will seek out anything to make a circuit, as in making false lights light up, dimming of others and so forth. Check ground connection at radiator core support from battery terminal.

How can I get my Car dome light to stay on?

You car hard wire the dome light to the fuse box with a key on only slot to bypass the module if you insist on not replacing the module. If you need further assistance with the dome light staying on after locking the doors, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

Where is the interior lamp control module located?

The interior lamp control module is located under the center of the instrument panel on the dash of your vehicle. Look for any ground wires to the interior light circuits to see if they are loose.