Why does my Chevy Suburban battery drain while driving?

Why does my Chevy Suburban battery drain while driving?

If your battery is draining while driving, it is almost without exception the Suburban’s alternator that is causing the problem. If it is you should see the battery or alternator light on, it indicates that the alternator is not creating the necessary voltage to charge the battery.

How many miles does a 1999 Chevy Suburban have?

With regular maintenance, these SUVs can literally run forever. We purchased the vehicle used. It is a 1999 Chevy Suburban LT completely loaded. The vehicle was owned by a salesman and had about 125,000 miles at the time of purchase. My wife, who drives the vehicle on a regular basis, is a stay at home mom, but she is never at home.

Where can I get a new Chevy Suburban battery?

Replacing your car battery for Chevy Suburban is an investment in your on-road security. Purchase a new car battery from AutoZone today. Fantastic Service! The gentlemen at your store were extremely helpful.

What does the 4WD service light mean on a Chevy Suburban?

While driving down the road, transfer kicks out of 2 wheel high and goes into neutral. the only way to get the vehicle to move is to put into auto 4wd. 4WD Service light came on intermittently. 4WD/2WD indicator lights would indicate Neutral or 4WD-L and the engine would bog down until it shifted out of Low.

What happens to Transmission Control Module after battery replacement?

Transmission control module Loss of adaptive information; most late module transmissions “learn” how you drive and “learn” to shift accordingly. If you’re experiencing electrical issues immediately after a battery replacement or disconnect, make sure the battery cables were re-attached and tightened down properly.

What happens when you change the battery in a Chevy Tahoe?

I am sure some (or all) have heard of this problem, but I need some help because its driving me nuts! I installed a new battery in my wifes 2002 Chevy Tahoe. Immediately afterward, the controls would only blow heat through the defrost setting, no matter what the dial was set to.

How to drain a battery on a GMC Truck?

With key off, unhook your positive battery terminal. Put one multimeter lead on the battery terminal and the other on the positive cable. You’re basically making the multimeter part of the circuit. Set the meter to read amps. Now, since its being drained I assume you’ll see some kind of amperage draw.