Why does my dt466e quit and wont crank?

Why does my dt466e quit and wont crank?

There is also a B+ fused circuit on some units and the wire is not often run in the most secure manner – meaning it can rub and blow the fuse in the battery box. The ECM is not getting power, either B+ or Ignition, not sure which and maybe neither , of course it could be an open ground circuit too, same symptoms.

Why is the ECM not working on my DT466 MHH?

If not then ECM not powering up. I have saw a few times with the fuse box located out on the driver side above the steer tire give fits. The fuse holder will get loose and not make good connection. In that fuse box on the fender. Check the IDM relay. There should be battery power on 2 of the terminals. Those are the clean power wires.

Where is the fuel pump on a DT-466?

JaymZH2 wrote: fuel pump would be my guess. not sure on the older ones, but the newer DT’s it is on the drivers side mid block towards the front. a couple bolts a 2 lines and your done. I have a 2000 4700 DT-466, would what you call the fuel pump be the same thing they call the “high pressure pump” in the book that the lines from the filter go to??

Where does battery power come from on dt466-mhh?

There should be battery power on 2 of the terminals. Those are the clean power wires. When you turn the key on, it sends an ignition voltage signal to the ECM. When the ECM sees that signal, it then sends a ground signal to the IDM relay to give itself battery power.

What should fuel psi be on dt466e International diesel?

Usually when we get no start cold but fires and runs after using ether it might be injectors, but you need to do the fuel checks I posted and let me know. If you don’t have a fuel psi gauge, autozone loans them out. I like to have around 60psi I have seen them run ok above 45psi.

Why does my dt466e take so long to start?

The high psi oil system, in a dt466e you have high psi oil that fires the injectors, and sometimes the pump can actually bleed down overnight causing it to take forever to start, the only way to check that will be let it sit overnight and there is a temp sensor in the front cover/ drivers side . it is right in front of the oil/fuel pump.

Why is the DT466 electronic diesel engine no more?

The DT466 Electronic Diesel Engine. The DT466E International diesel is no more mainly because it could not meet emission standards. It’s one engine that performed only as good as the oil pressure that supplied the HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injectors).

Where is the cam sensor on a DT466?

The cam sensor is located on the passenger side of the front timing cover and reads engine rotation that relays a reading to the ECM (engine control unit). As I stated before if the cam sensor does not send a signal to the ECM the engine dies since the ECM thinks that the engine is not rotating and it’s programmed to shut down the injection system.

Can a bad solenoid be a sign of a bad starter?

Intermittent operation can be a sign of a failing starter solenoid. Other issues that present like a bad solenoid. Problems that might cause your car to act like it has a bad starter solenoid can include: Bad battery – If the battery voltage is low it will be unable to provide enough power to start your engine.

Can a bad alternator cause a bad starter?

If the alternator is bad, the battery may not be capable of starting the engine. Starter – Some solenoids are mounted to the starter, but some are located directly inside the starter housing. When this is the case, it may be necessary to replace the entire starter when the solenoid goes bad. Sometimes the starter itself is the problem.

Where is the starter solenoid located on a car?

Most often, a true starter relay is a small black cube plugged into an electrical fuse/relay box in the engine compartment, whereas a starter solenoid is (in most cases) attached directly to the starter on the engine (although it is sometimes located elsewhere in the engine compartment). Signs of a bad starter solenoid

Why is the wastegate not working on a DT466?

Since it’s a mechanical DT466 (not an E), many of those had a Bosch injection pump with an aneroid valve and a wastegate valve on turbo, both activated by turbo boost pressure from intake. I have seen diaphram go bad on wastegate valve pot which causes the aneroid valve to not get pressure to turn up fuel when under load.

Where is the turbo pressure on a DT466?

Turbo pressure on the pump is MAXED or should be..at 17psi at full load.. The MOST COMMON problems are “fuel restrictions”.. 1 place thats overlooked is the H20 seperator behind the mud flap on the passenger side, between the tank and the MF..

What causes loss of power on DT466 truck?

Check that all your turbo hoses are connected and not broken. this will cause a loss of boost. They’re all good. Turbo just isn’t noticeable really like it used to be. Truck is just starting to run slow anymore.

Why does my IH 4900 have no power?

So my IH 4900 was acting like it had no power towards the end of my route. It had very slow acceleration and it would die quickly when going up hills. it seemed to struggle heavily on hills actually. The clutch is fine, just got adjusted about a month ago, no smoke, just low power. Air filter is clean.

Is the DT466 Turbo good for low power?

The clutch is fine, just got adjusted about a month ago, no smoke, just low power. Air filter is clean. Oil pressure is good. Temp was fine. No lights came on. The turbo isn’t really as noticeable in sound, but I can still hear it.

What kind of power does a DT466 have?

This time its the DT466 with no power. I haven’t had much time to put into it. We did swap the pedal switch out due to similar intermitent problems. The truck idles fine.

Why is my Eng not cranking with the key?

The crank relay on the passenger side is not getting a ground from the ecu, cir #97H. If I ground it with my test light it will crank the eng with the key but will not start. Continuity from the relay to the ecu is good. Any idea’s or a link to wiring diagrams are welcome.