Why is my Detroit Diesel blowing white smoke?

Why is my Detroit Diesel blowing white smoke?

Detroit Diesel Engine Series 60 is blowing white smoke. Shop just water pressure tested it. They thought it was an injector and replaced that but it is still blowing white smoke and using oil. Head gasket is new. Any suggestions on where to look next? Submitted:10 years ago.

Why does my Detroit Series 60 have white smoke?

If you own a 12.7 liter DD4 and the engine is a PK or GK, it will have 15.0 to 1 compression ratio pistons, and if you rebuild it and stay with the OEM parts for that series of engine, you are guaranteed to have horrendous white smoke upon start up until the coolant temperature reaches about 140 degrees.

When did Detroit Series 60 PK engine overhaul?

12.7 Detroit Series 60 PK engine manufactured June 1998. Overhauled in August 2019 at my local Freightliner service center. Truck runs great, good mpg and oil analysis. However, it smokes like a freight train during first start when the temps outside are below 32F. There was no smoke whatsoever before this last engine overhaul.

How to troubleshoot a Detroit Diesel engine problem?

Start and run the engine. Run the engine through its operating range with no-load for approximately 5 minutes, allowing the engine coolant to reach normal operating range. If the engine coolant temperature is 88-96 ° C (190-210 ° F), no further troubleshooting is required. Shut down the engine.

Is it normal for a diesel engine to have black smoke?

Also, it’s important to understand that in some cases, a little black smoke can be considered a normal condition. Let’s start with that—the possibly normal. Your diesel engine is equipped with a governor that helps control the amount of fuel that gets delivered to your engine’s cylinders depending on the load your engine is experiencing.

Why is there white smoke coming out of my exhaust?

Usually, white smoke indicates that the diesel fuel is not burning correctly. Unburned diesel fuel will make its way through the exhaust completely unused. Be careful of white smoke as it will irritate your eyes and skin. If white smoke occurs during a startup in freezing temperatures, then goes away,…

What to do if you have white smoke coming from your engine?

Place the open end of the fuel line into a suitable container. Start and run the engine. Operate the engine at 1000 r/min. Visually check to see if air bubbles are rising to the surface of the fuel within the container. If air bubbles are not present, shut down engine, check for improper injector calibration setting;