Why is my DT466 diesel not getting fuel?

Why is my DT466 diesel not getting fuel?

Pump shaft seals can leak and let air in pump and fuel in crankcase. Normally that creates a cold start problem after setting a while and a crankcase full of fuel when running. Normally dying while running is a problem between the injection pump and tank.

Where is the fuel pump on a DT-466?

JaymZH2 wrote: fuel pump would be my guess. not sure on the older ones, but the newer DT’s it is on the drivers side mid block towards the front. a couple bolts a 2 lines and your done. I have a 2000 4700 DT-466, would what you call the fuel pump be the same thing they call the “high pressure pump” in the book that the lines from the filter go to??

Why is my pickup truck not getting fuel?

The lift pump could have a leak. Could be a problem anywhere from the tank to the injection pump with fuel line. Might be a pickup problem. Even though there is fuel in the tank the pickup might be broken and not in the fuel. You might be able to see with a flashlight in the tank but it is doubtful.

Why is my lift pump not getting fuel?

You could always go to the trouble of plumbing in a vacumm gage on the tank side of the lift pump and a pressure gauge between lift pump and injection pump. A lot of vacumm and u got something plugged. No fuel pressure and no vacumm, lift pump bad.

Where is the lift pump on a DT466?

No, the lift pump is mounted to the HPOP about 1/2 way up the left side of the engine rear face of the gear cover (just above the air compressor, if it has one). Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?

What’s the oil level on a MaxxForce IC DT?

Fuel transfer pump leaks at the shaft into the crankcase. Serviced our one ’11 IC DT today and the oil level was right on the money beforehand and the fuel filter appeared normal….. an amber color….. for 6K miles. None of our earlier Maxxforce buses have shown any abnormal fuel filter colors or oil levels.

Why is my Mobil Delvac 1300 making oil?

Running Mobil Delvac 1300 in all units. If it doesn’t fit, FORCE it. If it breaks, well, it needed replacing anyway. Pullin’ wrenches for 45 years. Our 2009 model year buses are “making oil” because of fuel dilution. We’ve done some oil analysis and have found more than 10% fuel dilution!