Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant friends now?

Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant friends now?

Robert Plant Remains “Great Friends” With Jimmy Page, Still Plans To Do “Different Things”

Who originally sang thank you?

Thank You (Led Zeppelin song)

“Thank You”
Song by Led Zeppelin
Label Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Jimmy Page Robert Plant
Producer(s) Jimmy Page

Who has covered Thank You by Led Zeppelin?


Title Performer Release date
Thank You Led Zeppelin October 22, 1969
Thank You The Flaming Lips 1987
Thank You Tori Amos 1992
Thank You Duran Duran March 22, 1994

Is Robert Plant drinker?

Stern asked Plant whether he’s against drink and drugs after John Bonham’s death and the effects they had on Jimmy Page. “No, no I’m not,” Plant said. “Drugs, I have no interest in.” “The pressures were what they were,” Plant said.

Did Led Zeppelin members get along?

There was an undeniable chemistry between the four members of that band. Each musician supported the other to create powerful and moving music. In fact, John Bonham’s first words to Plant were, “You’d be a lot better singer if you had a drummer like me.”

Who wrote the song Thank You by Dido?

Thank You/Composers

What is the key signature of the song Thank You?

Even though the beginning of “Thank You” uses notes and chords out of the G major scale, you think of the music as being in the key of D since the primary pitch is D. The music is notated using a key signature for D major.

Is thank you by Chris Cornell a cover?

It’s been three years today since the legendary Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell tragically took his own life. Cornell appeared on the show back in 2011, and performed an acoustic, stripped back cover of the classic GNR tune. …

Did Led Zeppelin do any covers?

These include complete tribute albums, live versions, as well as versions on studio albums. Led Zeppelin has also garnered tribute acts, such as Dread Zeppelin, who performs their songs in a reggae style as sung by an obese Elvis impersonator, and the all-female Zepparella.

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