Are there transmission issues in 2015 Cadillac 16S?

Are there transmission issues in 2015 Cadillac 16S?

Contacted Cadillac and they are unwilling to do anything to help with the issue. They are concerned that this would start them down a slippery slope for repairing many 2015,16,17’s that have the same issue…Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed as a result of this transmission issue.”

Are there any known defects in the Cadillac?

Known transmission issue which causes the vehicle to buck and surge when you pull up to at a stop light, Stop sign, on highway, or in traffic. Extremely Dangerous…We are afraid to drive the vehicle as it surges forward at any given moment. Contacted Cadillac and they are unwilling to do anything to help with the issue.

Why does my GMC Canyon Shake on Highway?

The gmc 2017 canyon vibrates at highway speed 60mph to 70mph. The 2nd day after I bought it took it on long Trip found it had vibration problems…this concerns me. For being stranded or worse causing an Accident from something coming loose. I`ve already had to tighten up my spare tire. I bought this pickup for long trips since I’ve retired.

What are the features of the new Cadillac Escalade?

In the 2021 Escalade, intuitive driver-assistance systems and advanced performance features provide confidence, no matter how big the stage or how bright the lights. Safety or driver-assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

How does the power assist work on a Cadillac Escalade?

Open one of the doors and the available Power Assist Steps lower to greet you. The Hands-Free Liftgate opens and closes with a simple kicking gesture, even when your hands are full. The rear wiper conceals itself to stay protected from the elements, while preserving the rear design.

When does the new Cadillac Escalade super cruise come out?

The 2021 Escalade offers available Super Cruise,† the first truly hands-free driver-assistance feature for compatible highways. Super Cruise on Escalade offers several new enhancements, including Lane-Change-on-Demand functionality. Late availability starting early 2021.

What are the features of the Escalade ESV?

Stunning craftsmanship with equally stunning comfort, including heated and cooled front seats and heated rear outboard seats. The Escalade ESV takes roominess and comfort to the next level with additional rear passenger leg room, head room and cargo space† to easily accommodate up to eight passengers.

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