Can You Bring your own wine on a cruise?

Can You Bring your own wine on a cruise?

One of the best ways to save money on a cruise is to bring your own wine onboard. Guests wishing to bring personal wine and champagne onboard may do so only on boarding day, limited to two (2) 750 ml bottles per stateroom. No beer or hard liquor may be brought onboard for consumption.

Do you need a passport to go on a cruise?

A government-issued passport for all friends and family you are sailing with is the ideal scenario for going on a cruise. Yes, you can cruise with other documentation, such as a birth certificate, passport card or other documents, but in my opinion, these documents are less reliable than a passport. 2. Decide on a drink package

What should you know before booking a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Before you even look at one shore excursion, you should research the most popular activities in each port. When looking at shore excursion options, you can book tours through Royal Caribbean or on your own. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so I advise to consult both.

Do you have to fly one day before a cruise?

If you are flying to the embarkation port your cruise departs from, you should absolutely fly in at least one day in advance to avoid a travel delay causing you to miss your cruise. Having an extra day or two provides a buffer to account for travel delays.

What can you not do on a cruise ship?

Sadly, concerts and live theater will be one of the last things to return as we adjust to a post-COVID world. While Yeskel asserts that “indoor shows will go on” on cruise ships, the theaters will likely have a vastly reduced capacity and spaced seating. That means that you may not be able to just pop into one.

When do cruise lines start to sail again?

Others are starting a little earlier, in May or early June, like Princess Cruises and Silversea. As summer approaches, some smaller cruise lines have started to sail again, especially European lines and others that don’t operate in U.S. waters.

When do the new cruise ships come out?

July 1, 2021, is a popular date that many cruise lines, including Carnival, Disney, and most Royal Caribbean ships, are currently planning on restarting. Others are starting a little earlier, in May or early June, like Princess Cruises and Silversea.

Is it safe to go on a cruise again?

From the 14-day quarantine of thousands of people on the virus-stricken Diamond Princess ship in February 2020 to harrowing stories of cruise ship workers confined to their tiny cabins for months, these news bytes left people wondering if, or perhaps why, anyone would ever take a cruise again.

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