Can you change the flow of hydrogen in a gasoline engine?

Can you change the flow of hydrogen in a gasoline engine?

Electrolysis, by nature is unresponsive, meaning you cannot quickly change the hydrogen flow rate up or down. There is no possible way to control 25000 amps and manipulate the HHO flow accurately to meet the dynamic needs of a gasoline engine to make the engine operate correctly.

What is the efficiency of a hydrogen engine?

It claimed an efficiency of about 40 percent on hydrogen—versus considerably less than that for most gasoline engines.

How is engine control and low NOx combustion for hydrogen fuelled?

Under the project leadership of Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus the manufacturers AlliedSignal Aerospace and Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik together with the Fachhochschule Aachen initiated by R&D-programme to demonstrate safe engine control and low pollution combustion in a hydrogen fuelled Auxiliary Power Unit GTCP 36-300.

Is it possible to run an engine without hydrogen?

Hydrogen enhances combustion of the existing fuel which results in significant economy gains due to the fact that hydrogen-fuel mixtures burns more completely. However, the challenges to produce enough hydrogen to run an engine without gasoline include:

How are gas engines used to reduce CO2?

Replacing an old coal plant with a modern CHP gas engine plant can lead to a CO2 reduction of up to 70%. With gas engines well suited to convert “waste gases” or biogases to heat and power, 100% CO2 reduction can be achieved.

How can gas engines be used to reduce GHGs?

Increasing the efficiency of our Jenbacher* gas engines is INNIO’s day-to-day business, and high GHG emission reductions can be reached by a combined heat and power (CHP) application. When replacing a coal power plant with a modern CHP gas engine, a reduction in the magnitude of 70% CO2 can be reached.

How much hydrogen is used in a gas engine?

Coke oven gases as well as byproduct gases from chemical processes containing a hydrogen content up to 70 volumes % have been used in various types of engines and accumulated well more than one million operating hours. Hydrogen from renewable sources like wood gasification (in syngas) can contain up to 50 volume % of hydrogen.

What happens when hydrogen is mixed with natural gas?

When hydrogen is mixed with natural gas, the hydrogen content can vary in a wide range. Gas engines have the capability to burn gases with a wide range of hydrogen content, but there are also some challenges with a potentially high fluctuation of the hydrogen content or fast rate of change.

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