Does transmission rebuild include torque converter?

Does transmission rebuild include torque converter?

The Short Version: A rebuilt automatic transmission should include the labor to completely disassemble and re-assemble the transmission with a complete rebuild kit along with any damaged hard parts and a torque convertor.

What consists of a transmission rebuild?

Rebuilding a transmission is an in-depth process that requires a significant amount of labor. This involves removing the transmission, inspecting, cleaning and replacing “hard” parts and then reassembling the transmission as a completed unit with all of its “soft parts” or seals, gaskets, clutches, and bands.

Do you need to replace the torque converter?

Torque converter problems can be misinterpreted as symptoms of a failing transmission. Unfortunately, this might lead people to think they need expensive repairs, or even a full transmission replacement. Replacing the torque converter is cheaper.

What happens when you overheat the torque converter?

I your car overheats, it could be a sign that the transmission fluid pressure is low, and there could be a problem with the torque converter. If the converter is overheating, it won’t be able to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. This results in poor acceleration and excessive wear and tear on the transmission.

Where does the torque come from in a transmission?

As the transmission fluid returns to the impeller to keep the cycle going is where the torque is created. At this point the fluid is flowing in a different direction than it was originally as it came out of the impeller. It has to be reversed, which slows the fluid and magnifies torque. This is where the stator comes in.

Why does the torque converter stop working at cruising speed?

The impeller rotates faster, and there is a large difference between the impeller and turbine speed. The converter produces torque multiplication, which is necessary for acceleration. As the vehicle approaches cruising speed, the turbine rotates at nearly the same rate as the impeller, and torque multiplication ceases.

Can a torque converter be a problem with a transmission?

It could be a problem with the transmission, or the transmission could be perfectly fine and it could be a problem with the torque converter. Torque converter issues on a lot of older transmissions can be diagnosed by carrying out a stall-speed test. Below we have outlined how you can safely and easily conduct a torque converter test.

Where can I buy a Transtar torque converter?

ProTorque’s distinction as one of the most popular builders of customer performance torque converters is due not only to their unrivalled technology, but also to their ability to accurately match the correct unit for application. To place an order or check availability, call your sales rep or find the Transtar location nearest you.

How long does a recon torque converter last?

Each RECON Certified torque converter are rebuilt to the highest-quality standards in the industry and warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 4-years, 100,000-miles from the date of purchase.

What kind of torque converters do Oregon performance transmission use?

At Oregon Performance Transmission, we carry a wide selection of stock replacement, HD, and high-performance billet torque converters. For many applications, we carry stock stall speed and high stall speed converters. Select your make and transmission model below to view what options OPT has for you.

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