How can I tell how old my Lionel train is?

How can I tell how old my Lionel train is?

Find your Lionel train’s four-digit model number by checking the bottom or right side of the train. Collector’s resources such as Greenberg’s Pocket Price Guides or Lionel Manuals catalogue Lionel train sets by model number, which indicates type of train as well as year of manufacture.

Are old toy trains valuable?

What are most old model trains worth? An old vintage train set can be worth $100 or less, it can also be worth $10,000, or sometimes even a bit more. It all comes down to the manufacturer, the state that the train is in, and other factors like the rarity of the production run, it’s features, etc.

Where is the model number on a Lionel train?

Lionel almost always placed their identification number underneath the cab of the locomotive. Shown below are some of the various numbers they used to identify these locomotives. O27 Gauge – you’ll note that Lionel used four-digit numbers for these locomotives.

What kind of engine does a Lionel train use?

Lionel’s version of the massive, twenty-wheeled Pennsylvania GG-1 electric engine features working pantographs that draw power from overhead catenary lines. The F3 diesel locomotive, its all-time biggest seller, and the mighty ZW transformer, whose 275 watts could power four trains at once.

When did Lionel trains stop making electric trains?

This Identification Guide for Lionel Electric Trains covers the “Post-war Era” only from 1945 until 1969. During this period Lionel produced a wide variety of engines, rolling stock, accessories, track and transformers. We are listing those engines, cars and accessories that Lionel produced in O Scale.

Are there any Lionel Trains catalogues from 1950?

However, Lionel underestimated the demand and most dealers ran out of several of the 1950 catalogues. Therefore, the 1950 consumer catalogues, as well as the Gold Covered and Sorry catalogues are some of the hardest postwar catalogues to locate.

What kind of locomotives were introduced in 1950?

1950 To celebrate Lionel’s Golden Anniversary in 1950, several new and impressive locomotives were introduced. The scale-like 773 Hudson and premium tender was only available this year while other products included twin motored GG1’s, all-new Alco AA diesels and much more!

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