How do you adjust the steering wheel on a Volvo?

How do you adjust the steering wheel on a Volvo?

Adjusting the steering wheel

  1. Move the lever forward to release the steering wheel.
  2. Adjust the steering wheel to the desired position.
  3. Pull the lever back to lock the steering wheel into place. If the lever is difficult to move, press the steering wheel lightly while pulling the lever.

Can you adjust a steering wheel?

The steering wheel can be adjusted in different positions. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and for depth. The steering wheel is adjusted in different ways depending on whether or not the car is equipped with knee airbag.

How can I get my steering wheel straight?

Then, you’ll need to start the engine, turn the wheel a couple of times to relieve pressure from the power steering system. Shut the car down with the wheel locked in a straight-ahead, 12-o’clock position. Finally, adjust the front tie rods to get the wheels straight.

What should I do if my steering wheel is locked?

Do not shake or rock the wheel. You may be tempted to shake the wheel back and forth while attempting to unlock it, but doing so will actually decrease your chances of successfully unlocking the wheel. Instead, apply steady pressure in one direction on the wheel until it unlocks.

What happens when your steering wheel is off?

The difference is that the rear axle only turns the rear of the car. If your rear alignment settings — via the tie rods or axle alignment — are off, you’ll have to turn the wheel in the same direction as the rear tires to keep the car pointed down the road.

What should the toe setting be on a steering wheel?

A zero-toe setting does nothing for directional stability either way, but is the hypothetical optimum for fuel economy. Setting toe is vital for your car’s performance and safety, and it’s somewhat difficult to measure without the right equipment.

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