How do you wish someone goodnight to special?

How do you wish someone goodnight to special?

Good Night Quotes

  1. Your sweetheart is missing you more than ever, and ever, Have a lovely night.
  2. My sleepless night’s reason is only you.
  3. On this night as I lie down on my bed, I just can’t stop thinking about u my LOVE.
  4. Wishing you the sweetest night to the sweetest person.

How do you say good night in romantic way?

The following are some cute ways to say good night to your loved ones:

  1. Goodnight, the love of my life!
  2. Goodnight and sweet dreams.
  3. It’s time to ride the rainbow to dreamland.
  4. Night night.
  5. I can’t wait to wake up next to you!
  6. Sleep tonight.
  7. I’ll dream of you tonight and see you tomorrow, my true love.

What’s the best good night quote for him?

Here are some good night quotes for him to be creative with your wishes. I believe that the moon shines just for us, and every night it illuminates the road towards our successful future together. Good night dear!

What do you say about a good night hug?

The moon shines bright in the sky just as you shine in my heart. I wish you a sweet night and pleasant dreams. There is something that is big, warm, and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you! Dreams of you make my night worthwhile. The thought of you makes me smile.

What’s the best text to say good night?

Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite! This good night text is like the cool breeze that cools the body or the sweet spring water that quenches the soul, this text is for our love for each other. Good night, dear husband I hope this message finds the receiver in good health and lets him know that he is the best boyfriend ever!

How to say good night to your boyfriend?

Good night, dear boyfriend. You have had a rough day today, dear. Have something to eat, and let’s go to sleep early. A tired body needs rest to perform optimally, good night, dear!

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