How hard is it to walk Bandon Dunes?

How hard is it to walk Bandon Dunes?

In terms of walkability, Bandon Dunes is a strong 3.75 out of 4. With or without a caddie, this is an pretty easy walk even on the windiest day. It is longer than Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails, but also more open off the tee and around the greens.

Can you walk on at Bandon Dunes?

Tip #1: Start Walking There are no carts at Bandon Dunes (except in the case of medical necessity), so you’re going to be walking at least five miles a day, in the wind, on ground that is anything but flat. If you’re able, find some hills you can incorporate into your walk.

Can you wear shorts at Bandon Dunes?

A trip to Bandon Dunes requires you to be prepared for the ever-shifting coastal weather, a crucial element that creates a truly authentic links golf experience. Pack layers, including a base and mid-layer, as well as long pants (but don’t be afraid to throw your golf shorts in, too).

Does Bandon Dunes have hot tubs?

In addition to a Sauna and Hot Tub spa, there is a fitness center on the lower level of The Lodge. Adjacent to the workout area is a large Hot Tub spa and Sauna, perfect for warming up in the morning or relaxing after a round.

Are Bandon Dunes courses only walking?

Bandon Dunes is walking-only, however, riding golf carts are available to all guests with a permanent disability that prevents them from walking their round.

What is the hardest course at Bandon Dunes?

Bandon Trails
Bandon Trails is also the hardest course at Bandon Dunes. There is not a lot of room for error, and it will challenge all of your shot making abilities.

Is Bandon Dunes walking only?

Do you lose a lot of balls at Bandon Dunes?

This is something we learned from experience: you don’t need a lot of golf balls at Bandon Dunes. Yes, there are spots where you can lose a ball, but between the massive fairways and the skilled caddies, you won’t go through too many.

How many holes does Bandon Dunes have?

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Club information
Total holes 121 90 regular holes 13 par-3 holes 18 putting holes
Bandon Dunes
Designed by David McLay Kidd

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