How long should airbags last?

How long should airbags last?

In modern vehicles, airbags do not expire and are designed to last throughout the car’s lifetime. If your car is older, however, your car’s manufacturer may advise you to change out your airbags as part of routine maintenance.

When do you need an air bag replacement?

If your car endures a major impact that causes air bag deployment or you purchase a vehicle which has had its airbags deployed, airbag replacement will be necessary and it won’t be cheap.

What should I do if my airbag light comes on?

Once you’re in an accident which causes the airbags to deploy, simply replacing the airbag is not enough. Crash sensors, seat belt pretensioners, and other SRS components must also be replaced. In addition, the airbag monitoring unit (the brains of the airbag system) will need to be reset.

What happens when you reset the airbag module?

After the scanner tool detects the issue, the airbag module will either be repaired or reset, resulting in the airbag light turning off. Depending on the type of vehicle, a deployed airbag may be in need of a replacement instead of a repair, and vice versa.

What happens if the airbag light goes unaddressed?

Regardless of the issue, an airbag light that goes unaddressed could result in serious consequences if the airbags fail to deploy in the event of an accident. If the issue is that the SRS is disabled, the airbag module will need to be reset before the airbag light turns off.

What happens if you reset the airbag light?

You should never just reset the airbag light without repairing the problem. This can deploy the airbags or non-functioning if an accident occurs. Let a professional replace the airbag’s parts if you are not sure of how to do it. Remember always to remove the battery connection when working with airbags.

What causes the airbag clock spring to wear out?

The airbag clock spring maintains the consistency between the airbag and the electrical wiring by continually interweaving in and out against the steering wheel. The circuit bands may begin to wear out after some time and can cause the airbag system to register a code error. This will, in turn, cause the airbag light to flash in the dashboard.

Can a car airbag be repaired in hot weather?

Contact your dealer to get your vehicle repaired, but know that you might have to wait. The government has ordered manufacturers to replace inflaters in older recalled vehicles that are most likely to have been exposed to hot and humid conditions first, because they pose the most risk.

When do you need to replace an airbag sensor?

Other obvious signs of a bad or failed airbag sensor are airbag not working during a hard collision. For some vehicles, you would need to replace the sensor along with the other components after a collision, while for others you don’t need to replace it. Any repairs to the airbag system should be done by an expert.

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