How many episodes in season 3 of make it or break it?

How many episodes in season 3 of make it or break it?

A total of 48 episodes of Make It or Break It have been produced and aired over three seasons, between June 22, 2009 and May 14, 2012….Series overview.

Season 3
Episodes 8
Originally aired First aired March 26, 2012
Last aired May 14, 2012

Where to watch make it or break it season 3?

Watch Make It Or Break It Season 3 | Prime Video.

Are make it or break it real gymnasts?

The world met four elite gymnasts — Kaylie Cruz, Payson Keeler, Lauren Tanner and Emily Kmetko — on June 22, 2009, the premiere date for ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It.” The competitive athletes survived family drama, broken bones, heartbreak and more as they trained at Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center (” …

What wrong with Lauren in season 3 of make it or break it?

It turns out that Lauren has an irregular heart beat, which Lauren lies about to Payson, telling her it’s just a potassium deficiency. Payson calls the doctor to get the truth and then freaks out on Lauren for lying to her. Lauren assures her that tons of people have irregular heart beats and arecompletely fine.

Is there a Make It or Break It season 4?

Make It or Break It: Cancelled, No Season Four. It’s the end of the competition for Make It or Break It. ABC Family has cancelled the TV show after three seasons on the air.

Do Kaylie and Carter end up together?

And though Kaylie didn’t end up with Carter, actress Loren got her happily ever after — she got engaged two weeks ago! Keep your fingers crossed for a full cast reunion at her wedding.

Who does Sasha Belov end up with?

He goes back to her door and proposes. She accepts it happily. In season 2, Sasha is helping Payson get back on track with her gymnastic and Payson develops a little crush on him.

Does Emily come back to Make It or Break It season 3?

The third season gives the writers a chance to do some tidying up, which fans should appreciate. I should stress that the network hasn’t officially announced there will be no Emily in the third (and presumably final) season.

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