How much is a transmission for a semi truck?

How much is a transmission for a semi truck?

Although different things affect semi truck transmission repair cost, in general, the transmissions typically cost at least $1,500 just for the part alone. What’s more, they can run over $4,000, depending on the issues listed above. Then, there are labor costs.

Is DT12 a transmission?

The DT12 is a 12-speed non-synchronized manual transmission with pneumatic X-Y shift and clutch actuators. It features a single countershaft and an aluminum housing to minimize weight. It will be available in two input-torque ratings: 2,050 pounds-feet (789 pounds dry weight) and 1,650 pounds-feet (646 pounds).

Are there any Freightliner Trucks that have gone out?

We bought 4 trucks with the same type transmission and 3 of them have gone out now and all have been around 200, 000 miles. This seems like more than just a simple coincident. Avoid Freightliner Smart Shift Transmission!

Where to get a Freightliner SMARTSHIFT transmission repaired?

So after a couple of times sitting on the side of the road and letting the computer reset itself (I guess), it finally went out here at home on Tuesday. So I had it towed to Christopher Trucks (Freightliner-Western Star) in Greenville, SC and they finally got it into the shop last night.

Is there a warranty on a Freightliner truck?

So much for having a Freightliner warranty! Maybe Kenworth next time? 2012 Freightliner Cascadia As a Small Business Owner/Driver it was my Dream to buy a new truck, have owned 2 other used trucks and wanted decrease my time in a repair shop and to use that money for a larger truck payment. I researched lots of brands.

When did Freightliner send out a tow truck?

6/02/13-Contacted closest Freightliner repair shop. Unable to get roadside assistance, it is Sunday, so they sent out a tow truck from Amarillo TX.. Repair#29016, mileage 16,381. They were unable to look at truck until 6/3/13 in the afternoon.

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