Is Nami a good support?

Is Nami a good support?

Nami is actually a really good support, I don’t really know why people don’t play her more. Her heal is deceptively strong: it can hit three times if you are in the right situation, and it has a very short cooldown, and relatively low cost, it’s definitely one of the stronger heals in the game.

Is Nami a support champion?

Nami is an enchanter Support Champion.

Who works well with Nami?

These are generally Lux, Kayle, Nunu, Janna, Morgana, Oriana, Sona, Soraka and Zyra. But it all boils down to skills in the end, as a good Nami can obliterate a decent Sona. Miss Fortune has great synergy with Nami as MF’s slow allows Nami to easily land her bubble.

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What support can counter Nami?

Nami Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
BlitzcrankGreat Steam Golem 51.68% 2.33%
MaokaiTwisted Treant 53.55% 0.33%
JannaStorm’s Fury 53.3% 0.29%
ThreshChain Warden 49.42% 1.28%

How many AP does nami have in RuneScape?

Nice item to keep your mana and still get lots of AP. Nami will have 143 AP if this item gets full stacked and Nami is level 18. She’ll also get huge amount of mana and some decent mana regen. If you plan to get this item, don’t forget to buy Tear of the Goddess earlier in order to get the stacks faster.

What happens when Nami’s abilities hit Allied champions?

When Nami’s abilities hit allied champions they gain 45 (+20% of ability power) Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds. This effect is doubled for allies hit by Tidal Wave. Sends a bubble into the air towards a targeted area.

How long does Nami bless last in League of Legends?

Nami blesses the target allied champion or herself for 6 seconds, causing her target’s next three basic attacks or abilities to each deal 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+20% of ability power) in bonus magic damage and slow their target for 1 second.

What’s the best way to play against Nami?

Syndra’s E, Scatter the Weak, works really well against Nami. you won’t be able to get close enough in order to do your combo because of her Scatter the Weak (E), and she can just harass you if you’ll try to. Try to play safe and farm minions, wait until your junglers comes to help you, or until mid/late game.

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