Is the C13 engine a bad truck engine?

Is the C13 engine a bad truck engine?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by durallymax, Feb 18, 2012 . Looking at a truck with a 430 C13 07 pre-dpf model 580,000 miles. Having it dynoes and oil tested.

Is the C13 cat engine slow to wind up?

A 13 spd. would be my choice behind any engine. The c13 is slow to wind up but I found that if you just crack the throtle after a gear change and wait a second or two for turbo spool-up then squeeze on the pedal it really comes to life. If all you do is shift and mash then it wont pull or get any mileage.

When did a C-13 begin to be a truck?

C-13 began to be trucks in 2004. Uh, you only had to read 10 words into my post to see that I said my 02 pete has an 06 engine in it. Its a c13 for sure. Oxbow and tnpete Thank this.

Which is better a C12 or C13 cat?

The turbos are horribly slow to kick in, and if your truck isn’t warmed up beyond about 160 degrees good luck getting a heavy load moving. The C12 was a much better motor. New Cat C13’s, even pre 2007, are only designed for fuel mileage. So screw it if it takes your truck 5 minutes just to get up to 65 MPH.

Is the C-12 a hell of a motor?

The c-12 is a hell of a motor. We still have a couple 2000 FLD 120s for city use that have over 870K w/o any sort of rebuild or major motor work. I will che k the shaft play thanks.

How to troubleshoot a Caterpillar C13 engine?

Download the “Warranty Report” from the engine Electronic Control Module (ECM) before performing any troubleshooting or clearing diagnostic trouble codes. Check Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) for any associated codes that are listed in Table 1. Troubleshoot any active codes before continuing with this procedure.

Are there any issues with the Caterpillar C15 engine?

Owners of Caterpillar C15 (shown) and C13 engines claim the manufacturer downplayed defects and performance issues with the engines.

Why was Caterpillar sued by BK trucking?

Caterpillar was sued again in the spring of 2013 by BK Trucking which alleged that Caterpillar has known for years that its Caterpillar C13 and C15 Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology diesel engines were defective, yet concealed the problems while still touting the engines’ high quality and reliability.

Are there any class action suits against Caterpillar?

A sixth proposed class-action has been has been filed against Caterpillar alleging emission-control systems on its model-year 2007 thru 2010 C13 and C15 engines are defective and that Cat was aware of the problem, but kept producing the engines before eventually withdrawing entirely from the on-road heavy-duty diesel engine market.

What does Blue Smoke mean in an engine?

What Does Blue Smoke Mean? Blue smoke is a clear sign telling your car engine is burning oil. What happens is that the piston rings or the valve guide seals or other components of the engine are worn or broken, causing oil leaking. The oil will flow into the combustion chamber, then it is being burnt together with the fuel, creating blue smoke.

What should I do if I see blue smoke coming from my exhaust?

If you see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, all the time, PCV Valve is the frist thing you should check. If you observe blue smoke appearing in your car all the time, PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve will be the first thing you should check.

What causes a battery to go dead on an ECM?

Battery drain or dead battery A failed ECM power relay can also cause a battery drain or dead battery. If the relay shorts it can leave power on to the computer, even when the vehicle is turned off. This will place a parasitic drain on the battery, which will eventually cause it to go dead.

Why is Cat C13 ACERT diesel engine optimized?

Fuel consumption optimized to match operating cycles of a wide range of equipment and applications while maintaining low operating costs.

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