What are the codes on my sportsman 500?

What are the codes on my sportsman 500?

Trying to find answers to codes on my 2008 Sportsman 500 EFI HUD and fuel gauge flash ; codes count as 1-3-6-1 . Trying to trade down an answer to the codes

What causes no power to fuel injector pulse?

Ans: The engine control unit is the electronic brain that used to control the fuel injector pulse by gathering data from various sensors along the fuel line Question: What causes no power to fuel injectors?

How do you test a fuel injector ( ANS )?

Ans: By using a simple diagnostic tool called NOID light, this tool detects a digital signal coming from the ECU and flashes an LED light, so if there is no LED flashing during cranking, this means that there are no pulses coming out of the ECU. Question: How do you test a fuel injector?

How is the speed of the injector controlled?

The injector in a basic picture is an electronically controlled valve that is supplied with pressurized fuel from the fuel pump at a certain pressure level injector can be electromagnetically opened and closed at very high speed—this speed controlled by the electronic control unit using.

What happens when an Outlander 400 gets hot?

I have no ideas since it will start and run fine when cold and not run at all once it gets hot. Any ideas would be appreciated. ’06 Outlander 400, starts fine and runs fine. After running through sand at low RPM for about 15 -20 minutes it dies, sounds like it is running out of gas.

Why does my Outy 400 engine get hot?

It had about 1050 when we got it in the spring. The fuel system could be vapor locking or the fuel pump could be bad. It sounds more like a fuel pump issue since it runs fine when it is cool than when it heats up it sounds like the engine is starving for fuel.

What to do when your Outy 400 gets hot?

If the fuel is “vaporizing” in the line, the rubber fuel line would probably fail. You might check your rectifier and voltage when hot. Check your gas cap. If the vent in it is not working properly it won’t get fuel fast enough to fill the carb. As you run it it will drain the bowl and take a while to re-fill.

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