What are the outlets for a cig lighter?

What are the outlets for a cig lighter?

The cig lighter excessory outlets are labeled ” PWR OUTLET “. CIG is for something else. If one works and the other doesnt then its not the fuse. I am actually going to be doing this with one of mine soon for charging the phone if needed when the truck is off. Remove the wire that is currently tied to the center of the cig ligher accessory outlet.

What to do if your CIG lighter is not working?

Remove the wire that is currently tied to the center of the cig ligher accessory outlet. Find a source that is power all the time. I’m going to look in the fuse box first. If found then use a Bussmann BP/HHH ATM Add-A-Fuse and tie the wire to the middle prong of the cig lighter accessory outlet. 4x4_Angel likes this. Sounds good keep me posted.

Where are the fuses on a cigarette lighter?

It has apparently moved from under the dash, to the fuse box located under the hood labeled “P/OUTLET NO.1”. I also found out you need to be careful when probing the Cigarette outlet with a test light! …I checked under the dash fuse box first and found a fuse labeled ” CIG “. Thinking that meant cigarette fuse labeled ” PWR OUTLET “…

Why is my aux power outlet not working?

Check the fuses in the distrubution panel under the hood. In the fuse panel inside the truck, there was AuxPwr and AuxPwr2. Both were 20Amps. I replaced AuxPwr because it was blown. AuxPwr2 was not blown.

Is the cigarette lighter power outlet not working?

Both checked out fine, I swapped the slots they were in just to be sure, and sure enough the “Power Outlet” slot worked, and the “Cigarette Lighter” slot didn’t. Next, I switched my multimeter to 20v DC and stuck the leads into the panel, positive in spot 1 and negative in slot 2 as indicated in the photo.

Is there a fuse for a cigarette lighter?

There is another fuse for it under the hood, but it only powers the relay coil, so it shouldn’t blow even if you overload the outlet. However, the relay could be bad… you can check by jumpering the 2 wider terminals of it with a pair of 1/4″ spade terminals on a couple inches of 12-ga wire.

What should I do if my cigarette lighter goes out?

I was airing up my truck a little while back using the cigarette lighter adapter to power my truck air pump, (which I had done many times before), when it went out. The cigarette lighter fuse is OK.

Where is the aux PWR2 outlet on a Silverado?

If AUX PWR is to both, where is AUX PWR2 outlet? LTR fuse powers one I/P outlet. One thing appears to be in common, LTR powers one I/P outlet and AUX power at least another I/P outlet if equipped.

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