What BHP is a Mercedes SL500?

What BHP is a Mercedes SL500?

Mercedes Benz SL R230 SL500 – Facts and Figures

Performance Value
Power 306 PS – 225 kW – 302 BHP
Torque 460 Nm – 340 lb/ft
Acceleration 6.3 (s)
Top Speed N/A

How much does a SL500 weight?

Mercedes-Benz SL 500 specs

Car type Convertible
Curb weight 1910 kg (4211 lbs)
Introduced 2006
Origin country Germany
Views 30.6k

What kind of engine does Mercedes Benz SL500 have?

An SL500 (US SL550), with a 4.7-litre biturbo V8 producing 449 hp (455 PS), was likewise paired with the 9G-tronic PLUS transmission. The Mercedes-AMG SL63 (577 hp/585PS) and SL65 (621 hp/630PS) variants continued with virtually unchanged powertrains, paired with AMG’s SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission with claimed improved shift times.

Is the ThinkPad sl400c compatible with Windows 7?

[Important] Added support for Microsoft Windows 7. (New) Added support for ThinkPad SL400c, SL500c. (New) Initial for ThinkPad SL300, SL400 and SL500. If your computer runs satisfactorily now, it may not be necessary to update the software.

When did the Mercedes-Benz 250 SL become 280 SL?

The design was by Paul Bracq. Around 1967, the engine received a displacement increase and the model became known as the 250 SL. Within a year the engine displacement was increased for the final time and the model designation became 280 SL.

When did Mercedes Benz stop making the SL Class?

Cars of the open SL-Class were available as a coupe with a removable hardtop or as a roadster with convertible soft top or with both tops. Production for the 190 SL and 300 SL ended in 1963. Next came the SL-Class 230 SL, a new design with a 2.3-litre mechanically fuel injected six cylinder engine.

What kind of car is the Mercedes SL500?

The Mercedes-Benz SL500, part of the SL-Class of roadsters, is a two-door car classified as a luxury grand tourer. The SL500 comes with a variety of features, such as a retractable hardtop. This hardtop is operated by pulling up on a switch to open it, or pressing the switch down to close it. If you cannot get the

What kind of power supply does SL Power use?

The TF3000 Power OK Signal, Remote Inhibit, and Remote Sense. open frame power supply family. Featuring streamlined designs, the open frame power supply family. Featuring streamlined designs, the quality and reliability expected from an SL Power solution.

How does SL Power electronics save time to market?

4” x 6” u-channel power conversion solution. Featuring category-leading conversion solution for mission-critical applications. with the end equipment. This helps reduce the time to market, which saves on development cost and opportunity loss. with the end equipment. This helps reduce the time to market, which

What happens if you open the hardtop on a Mercedes SL500?

If either of these are open, the retractable hardtop cannot operate. Once the lid and cover are shut, the hardtop switch may be used. Start the vehicle’s engine, and let the car run while you open or close the hardtop. The hardtop does not operate if the car’s battery voltage is too low.

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