What do the numbers on the manifold gauges mean?

What do the numbers on the manifold gauges mean?

Your manifold gauge set should have a corresponding gauge and control knob for each of the two service hoses. Like the color of the hose, the gauges and control knobs will usually be colored to indicate high or low pressure. What are all the numbers on the high and low side gauge?

How does a manifold gauge in a vacuum pump work?

A manifold gauge works by sending a flow of gas through the set. The yellow hose can be connected to an external source, such as a vacuum pump or refrigerant bottle. Depending on the situation, the low-pressure blue valve and high-pressure red valve would be connected appropriately. 3 Here are a few examples of how manifold gauges work:

Where is the service inlet valve on a gas manifold?

Connect s ervice uppl y at inlet facilit (bottom right hand corn ). Ensure service inlet valve is closed, turn on gas cylinder and set service regulator to pipeline pressure, 450KPa for Oxygen, Air or Nitrous Oxide, 750 or 1450KPa for Surgical Tool Air. Close normal operation pipeline valve and open service inlet valve.

Where is the low pressure alarm on a gas manifold?

Low Pressure Alarm: The pressure switch on the top right hand side of the central control panel is set to operate at a pressure approx. 25% lower than the set pipeline pressure and in turn will signal any remotely connected alarm panel. Page 5 of 20 AUTOMATIC GAS MANIFOLDS

What does a manifold gauge set look like?

A manifold gauge set consists of a manifold block, two hand valves, three refrigerant hoses, and two pressure gauges. The hose on the left is blue and is connected to the low pressure/suction side of the air conditioning system. Because the gauge reads in two different ranges of pressure, it is usually called a compound gauge.

How do you close the valves on a manifold gauge?

Close all valves on the manual service couplers and manifold gauge set. Connect the high side coupler to the high side port and connect the low side coupler to the low side port.

How are the hand valves on a manifold read?

When the gauge set is installed on a system and both hand valves are closed, the gauges read the pressure exerted on them. Here both valves are closed and the refrigerant pressure can still be recorded on each respective gauge. The hand valves are opened by turning the handle counterclockwise.

How to know the pressure of a manifold?

A Tutorial Guide to Manifold Gauges 1 Close all valves on the manual service couplers and manifold gauge set. 2 Start the vehicle. Turn on the A/C system, and let it run until gauge readings stabilize. 3 If the pressure shown on the gauges differ from the manufacturer’s specs, determine the problem and make necessary repairs.

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