What does DX mean in Sonic Adventure DX?

What does DX mean in Sonic Adventure DX?


Acronym Definition
SADX Sonic Adventure DX (Sonic the Hedgehog)

What consoles is Sonic Adventure DX on?

Trivia. Sonic Adventure DX was originally supposed to be a GameCube exclusive, but a year later was released for the PC. It is now available for download to the Xbox 360 and can be transferred over to the Xbox One.

How do you unlock Super Sonic DX?

After E-102’s adventure is complete, a gold “?” will appear in the character select screen. Select it to play Super Sonic’s short adventure and see the true ending of the game. There will be a long series of cut-scenes and then you will gain control of Sonic.

What can you do in Sonic Adventure DX?

Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut is chock-full of amusing diversions. In addition to all of Sonic’s Game Gear appearances, there is an extensive Chao-raising and-racing minigame. All 12 of Sonic’s Game Gear games (such as the Japan-only Sonic Drift) are hidden in DX.

Is there a deluxe version of Sonic Adventure?

This deluxe version of Sonic Adventure features revamped graphics and sound as well as Game Boy Advance connectivity for raising and breeding virtual pets called Chao. Using the color handheld, players will be able to participate in a separate game called “Chao Adventure,” which trains the creatures to increase their attributes.

When did Sonic Adventure DX come out for Dreamcast?

Thankfully, after a subpar GameCube debut in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Segas mascot returns in a slightly enhanced version of the original Sonic Adventure (which launched with Dreamcast in 1999). Unlike its sequel, this game now sub-titled DX: Directors Cut keeps the superstar rodent at center stage.

Where to get the Chao egg in Sonic Adventure DX?

The first special Chao egg is silver. Get it by pushing the large stone pedestal near the Mystic Ruins waterfall. A shop in Station Square holds another special egg. Grab the rock in the nearby courtyard and make an Indiana Jones-style switch.

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