What does Sam stand for on Freightliner?

What does Sam stand for on Freightliner?

Water may leak into the signal-detection and activation module (SAM) chassis causing corrosion, which may result in electrical shorts or possible intermittent operation of trailer lights, NHTSA said.

What does Sam chassis mean?

Signal-detection and Activation Module
Daimler Trucks North America LLC, on behalf of its Freighliner Trucks Division, has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists on specific Freightliner Cascadia vehicles manufactured March 26, 2007, through September 1, 2010, and equipped with a Signal-detection and Activation Module (SAM) …

Is Freightliner any good?

According to smarttrucking.com, Freightliner wins the award for overall fuel efficiency, design and price. Appealing to large fleets in particular, Freightliner models have much to offer.

What does Sam stand for in trucks?

S.A.M. is a fully automatic pump control system. The system will control the entire pumping process; the operator simply asks for a pressure on a discharge and S.A.M. will deliver it. The operator can control S.A.M. from both a portable tablet and from a touch screen on the truck.

What does a chassis module do?

The driver’s steering operation condition and the information from multiple sensors are computed by the Chassis Control Module which transmits a command to the ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit) to control the brakes. Based on the command from the chassis control module, the ECM adjusts the engine torque.

What is a SAM pump?

SAM is an integrated total water flow control system that manages your truck’s, pump, tank, intakes and discharges. The SAM control system provides complete control of the flow to and from the pump from two interfaces, the SAM control center and the pump controller.

Where is the Sam chassis on a Freightliner Cascadia?

The SAM Chassis is located in the engine compartment on the driver-side frontwall. See Fig. 3.3 . The SAM chassis contains fuses and relays in addition to solid state circuit protection devices that will trip when a circuit is overloaded. Refer to Chapter 25 for fuse and relay locations.

Why did my Sam chassis module fail last night?

Last night I dropped a trailer and by the time i jumped back in the cab, the SAM chassis module had somehow failed and caused a power surge, causing all four of my headlight bulbs to burn out. GREAT. Now im not making money, and its all because freightliner decided to save some money on copper.

Is there a diagnostic link for new cab Sam?

(12-08-2016, 07:38 AM)BALBONAS Wrote: I have the same problem. I have professional Diagnostic link and new cab SAM. Under program tab I can see only programming for MCM and CPC. Tried to call to software service help-but they don’t know nothing about it.

Is there a template for Sam cab 8.02?

I have DiagnosticLink 8.02, brand new SAM CAB module. Thanks in advance. hi,you can make template and install new reinstall template to new sam cab try if work if not you haw to go fright liner,

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