What happens if the speakers on my Chevy truck go bad?

What happens if the speakers on my Chevy truck go bad?

Most of the time, broken speakers mean a lack of convenient entertainment while driving, but they could potentially cause safety issues, as they could prevent you from using OnStar if all of them were to go. The way to fix this issue is to replace the speakers. If you want a quick fix, you can buy a cheap set of speakers.

Why is my Chevy Silverado not 4 wheel drive?

Over time, dirt, moisture and corrosion can affect the contacts on the bolts used to attach the wires to the frame. If you have a 2008 Chevy Silverado with 4-wheel drive problems, or a similar GMC or Chevy truck from another model year, replacing the switch will solve the issue.

When did Chevy Silverado hit 1 million miles?

A Wisconsin man hit the 1 million mile mark in 2008 in his 1991 Chevy Silverado. A camera crew filmed the moment, which was also broadcast on National Public Radio. The owner purchased the truck in 1996 when it had only 41,000 miles on it.

What’s the problem with my Suburban 1500 whining?

My 05 Suburban 1500 has just started whining & does it with the revs in gear. First & second gear seem worse than the others & the wife said the fluid was very low, it only took 2 quarts though. I was thinking torque converter or oil pump in trans.

Is there a problem with my GM suburban?

Well, i looked on google and read about it for the pass 5 hours and cant find a similar problem. i have a 2006 suburban 1500. 293,xxx KM. Everything goes good no check engine , shift good , drive good BUT… When i drive around i have that whining sound only when im in drive and i press the gas pedal.

Why does my GM Truck make a whining sound?

If its the rear pinion bearing i will change it and it will make sens since i have a little loose in the rack , i can feel it when im driving and turning the steering wheel to park the truck.. Do you have the diagram of the rack and pinion system, im also looking for a complete pdf of a repair manuel guide.

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