What is injector sleeve?

What is injector sleeve?

The diesel injector sleeve (a.k.a. fuel injector sleeve) seals and protects the injector in the cylinder head, separating the fuel system from the cooling circuit.

What is the purpose of the injector sleeve Cup?

Its purpose is to keep the injector and fuel separate from engine coolant, as well as help seal the fuel side of the injector. When a sleeve splits or cracks, you’ll find fuel in the cooling system.

Why do I have diesel in my coolant?

The fuel pressure from the injector rail cast into the head (small hole to the left of the arrow) is far greater than the pressure in the cooling system. When a crack occurs, diesel fuel easily passes into the coolant.

What are diesel injector cups?

Injector cups are a very vital part of the internal workings of a Powerstroke diesel engine, whether it is a 6.0L or a 7.3L. The injector cup seals the cooling system from the injector inside the cylinder head. Because of the higher pressure of the fuel system, the fuel goes into the coolant.

What is OTC injector sleeve remover and installer set?

OTC’s Injector Sleeve Remover/Installer Set is the ideal tool set for removing and installing the injector sleeves of International DT466 engines. Removing tool threads onto a slide hammer with 5/8 -18 threads to remove sleeves quickly.

What’s the best way to remove an injector sleeve?

Removing tool threads onto a slide hammer with 5/8 -18 threads to remove sleeves quickly. Installer seats new sleeves equally fast without damage. Works on the HEUI style injectors used from 1995 to 2003.

How much does an injector replacement cost per hour?

So lets to the math $980-250 for the injector = $730 for labor divided by 4 hours =$182.5 per hour ( actually the shop should be able to do it less that 4 hours.) Even if the did the updated stand pipe and dummy plug thats still crazy.

When to install the injector sleeve on a caterpillar?

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding injector sleeve installation for 1999-2016 Caterpillar 15.2L Caterpillar diesel engines. This information should be considered anytime the cylinder heads are being serviced.

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