What is jack mode Touareg?

What is jack mode Touareg?

The purpose of ‘Jacking Mode’ is to disable the level sensor input to the computer and basically lock the suspension in the position it’s in when it is enabled. This prevents the computer & air suspension from freaking out & not being able to figure out what to do as you jack the car up.

Can you lift a car with a floor jack?

But Remeber! You should never place your floor jack on the car body, bumpers or the car floor. These parts are usually not strong enough to handle the entire car weight. You will most likely end up taking your car for body repairs at a cost.

How do I lower my Touareg air suspension?


  1. Lowering the Touareg with Air Suspension – Options available.
  2. From my research so far there is three options to achieve this:
  3. Vagcom mod.
  4. Electronic module such as the techart which allows for lowering of up to ~50mm (They range between 40>60mm drop)
  5. Replacement wheel (4x) height link arms which are adjustable.

How do I know if my Touareg has air suspension?

Air suspension is easy to know if you have. You either have two round knobs on the center console near the cup holder or you have one with a small cup opposite the other. The knob closer to you runs the low range and diff lock for the transfer case.

Is the VW Touareg any good off road?

The Touareg has VW’s 4Motion all-wheel drive system, a reliably effective set-up in general, but this is a vehicle far better suited to light-duty off-roading or at-speed traction-challenged situations on bitumen or well-formed dirt tracks, than it is to low-speed rock-crawling – which you should not ever attempt in …

What kind of lift kit do I need to lift a Touareg?

In order to accomodate the oversized wheels it was lifted using the AGFABS 55mm lift kit. We decided to reach out to Dillon and find out more about the ins and outs of his build. What are the engine specs/modifications (if any)?

What kind of tires does a Volkswagen Touareg have?

This lifted Volkswagen Touareg with subtle off-road mods is owned by Dillon Kempton from Indiana and serves him as a daily driver. It was outfitted with huge 305/60r18 Mickey Thompson MTZ Tires that beefed up the appearance and improved the clearance.

Is the Touareg Gen 1 an off road vehicle?

The market prices on Gen 1 and Gen 2 Touaregs have dropped down to a more-less affordable level, which gave the new owners an excuse to finally get them dirty without worrying about scratching an expensive paint job and losing the market value. The off-road potential of these vehicles is pretty impressive.

Why was the VW Touareg such a nightmare?

Some of that time was great, other times were a real struggle. I really learned how to be a technician because of the Touareg and all the problems that it had. There are many reasons that the VW Touareg was such a nightmare for customers and techs.

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