What is mercury free dentistry?

What is mercury free dentistry?

The process of removing amalgam fillings is referred to as mercury-free dentistry. At CCFD, this treatment is a priority for many reasons: Health and Safety Come First. Mercury vapor outgassing has been associated with adverse effects on the brain and kidneys.

Is removing mercury fillings covered by insurance?

A typical Dental PPO insurance will cover 80% of the cost of the Filling Removal. Most Insurance plans have a annual maximum benefit such as $1500-$5000 at which point the patient will need to pay for 100% of the fee.

Should you remove mercury fillings?

Should Dental Amalgam Fillings Be Removed? If your filling is in good condition and your dentist or health care professional says there is no decay beneath the filling, removal of your amalgam filling is not recommended.

What are mercury free fillings?

Mercury free fillings are non amalgam fillings that do not contain any traces of mercury. Many types of amalgams that may be referred to as silver or gold amalgams contain some amount of mercury. While popular for many years, many dentists prefer to rely on composite fillings that do not contain any mercury at all.

What is the difference between a holistic dentist and a regular dentist?

The traditional dentist only focuses on fixing problems in the mouth and doesn’t address any problems that might arise in overall health from problematic dental materials. The holistic dentist sees the mouth and the materials in the mouth as an integral part of a patient’s whole body health.

How do you detox from mercury fillings?

Removing mercury from the body involves excretion through bowel movements. 2 or 3 movements per day is thought to be optimal. Taking freshly ground flaxseed can help this. Up your daily intake of fresh water to at least 2 litres per day.

Can mercury cause Alzheimer’s?

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that can cause cognitive decline diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease. Consumption of high mercury containing fish can cause mercury toxicity. Diet adjustment and mercury detoxification can ameliorate cognitive function.

Can mercury fillings cause tinnitus?

Dental Amalgam fillings – These fillings normally contain about 50% mercury and 25-35% silver. However, Mercury has the potential to cause tinnitus. Some patients who had tinnitus felt relief once they had their silver fillings removed and replaced with composite resin fillings.

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