What is the best oil for a 60 series Detroit Diesel?

What is the best oil for a 60 series Detroit Diesel?

The preferred lubricating oil is Shell Rotella SAE 15W-40 (CJ-4). Synthetic oils may be used in Detroit Diesel engines, provided they are approved by a Power Guard Oil Specification. The use of synthetic oil does not necessarily ensure the extension of the recommended oil drain interval beyond its limits.

What type of oil does Detroit Diesel use?

SAE 40 Motor Oil
Detroit Diesel Corporation two-stroke engine recommendations, including the 0.85% ash maximum limit for Series 149 engines. SAE 40 Motor Oil is recommended for use in older two- and four-stroke diesel engines where the SAE 40 engine oil is specified by the OEM.

What to look for in a Detroit 60 series?

Our Detroit 60 series core buyers look for the following criteria when evaluating your cores estimated value: non-ventilated, turns 360, no fire damage, complete engine with fuel, turbo and ECM present. Identifying the exact engine you have in order to find parts, do an engine swap or when selling you core can be difficult.

Is the Detroit Series 60 14.0 engine for sale?

(GOOD USED) 2008 Detroit Series 60 14.0L Diesel Engine For Sale, 515HP @ 1800RPM, DDEC 6, Engine Family 8DDXH14.0ELD, Emissions: EGR, DPF Model, Engine Serial# 06R1007716, Stock# 1959 Engine is… See More Details

Why do I have power loss on a Detroit 60 series engine?

If the guage is really bouncy, and unstable, especially under boost, then compression could be leaking past the injector o-rings. Or air is getting in the fuel somehow. Which you eliminated the suction line by going straight to the fuel tank. Ask Your Own Medium and Heavy Trucks Question

Where is the serial number on a Detroit Diesel 60?

This label shows the engine serial number, model number and any optional equipment used on the engine. If the serial plate/sticker is missing, the engine serial number is stamped on the cylinder block below the manifolds. An example of a Series 60 serial number is 06RXXXXXXX.

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