What is the coldest Denver has ever been?

What is the coldest Denver has ever been?

29 below zero
The city’s coldest temperature is 29 below zero, which occurred Jan. 9, 1875. The city has hit 20 below zero and colder 29 times in our history since 1872. On average, Denver will cool to and below zero about five times a year.

Does Denver get below freezing?

The average temperature peaks then with daily highs of 89 °F (32 °C) and nighttime lows of 60 °F (15 °C). Denver averages 31 days a year when the thermometer reaches into the 90s °F (over 32 °C). Typically on 21 days annually the mercury remains below freezing for the entire day.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Denver Colorado?

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Denver was recorded on January 9, 1875, at −29 °F (−34 °C), though the last time Denver recorded a temperature below −20 °F (−29 °C) was December 22, 1990.

What’s the earliest its ever snowed in Denver?

Denver to tie most 90-degree days in a year, then have one of the earliest snowfalls on record

  • The earliest date of the first snow: September 3, 1961.
  • The latest date of the first snow: November 21, 1934.
  • The average date of the first snow: October 18.

How often does it get below 0 in Denver?

The coldest nights get to zero degrees Fahrenheit or below. Temperatures in negative territory happen seven times a year on average, scattered amongst January, February and December. Despite the frequency of night frost, Denver usually thaws during the day.

Does Denver get a lot of snow?

Denver averages 60 inches of snow per year.

How long does winter last in Denver?

The cold season lasts for 3.5 months, from November 19 to March 2, with an average daily high temperature below 53°F. The coldest day of the year is December 30, with an average low of 22°F and high of 44°F.

What are Denver winters like?

Winters are mild with an average daily high temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and days reaching 60 degrees are not uncommon. Snow doesn’t stay on the ground long in Denver so golf courses and outdoor cafes are able to stay open all year. The average daily high temperature in August is a mild 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

What was the coldest day in Denver in 2020?

February 06, 2020
Denver – Lowest Temperature for Each Year

Min °F Date Min °C
-1 February 06, 2020 + -18
-5 February 07, 2019 -21
-3 February 21, 2018 -19
-12 January 07, 2017 + -24

How many days is 90 degrees in Denver?

The average number days that Denver reaches 90 degrees or higher in a year is about 35 days.

How many days past 90 is Denver?

Denver averages 44 days of 90-degree heat per year, though we’ve seen six straight years with a higher-than-average number of 90-degree days, and nine of the past 10.

Is it expensive to live in Colorado?

An amount below 100 means Colorado is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Colorado, Colorado is more expensive….Colorado cost of living is 121.1.

COST OF LIVING Colorado United States
Health 95.8 100
Housing 166.1 100
Median Home Cost $384,000 $231,200
Utilities 98.4 100
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