What is the fault code for a PACCAR Engine?

What is the fault code for a PACCAR Engine?

I have a complete list of the OBD faults from the troubleshooting manual, but the truck is telling you a J1939 fault code. I only have a partial list that I’ve been building, but it’s very incomplete. SPN 1231 is CAN Bus fault (which you already know), FMI 11 is “Root Cause Unknown”, no help there.

What does FMI 31 mean on a PACCAR Engine?

I have no info on SPN 524287, FMI 31 only means “Condition Exists”. Sorry I can’t help, Paccar dash faults are going to be very tough to get any info on until Paccar can build a truck that can display the faults of their own engines. Or at least a way to convert them to the OBD faults. Guntoter Thanks this.

What makes a px-9 PACCAR a good car?

The PX-9’s heavy-duty design extends engine life and protects engine components by lowering internal temperatures with targeted piston cooling and a bypass oil filtration system. The infinitely adjustable VGT provides you the exact boost needed for a fast, superior response. Select each spot to learn more.

What are the fault codes on PACCAR mx13 EPA10?

We are providing You more info on the meaning of every single fault code on Paccar MX13 EPA10. If You need ECM tuning for Paccar engine, select the Paccar from the brand menu on the left. If You need list of fault codes for Paccar MX13 EPA10, click here. For more interesting facts and repair tips, visit out blog here.

Can a kW shop change a PACCAR Engine?

The kW or Pete shops that work on these engines their hands are tied on what they are allowed to change maybe after warranty they have more freedom it sucks when mechanic knows what is wrong but has to build a case to paccar before he can touch it Oxbow Thanks this.

Can a Cummins technician read a Paccar code?

Cummins. At least Cummins can tell a technician what is wrong when a code flashes, Paccar can’t even read their own codes and they still have the nerve to charge customers who come to them for help and leave with the problem still existing. PM me an email and I can send you what I have, I have quite a long list, but not complete.

When do fault codes change on PACCAR MX 13?

This diagnostic starts 30 seconds after the engine starts and it runs continuously. The PMCI-2 ECU detects the unbalance after nine seconds at 650 rpm until three seconds at 2000 rpm. This fault code will change to inactive immediately after the diagnostic runs and passes. Use DAVIE to check for any fuel-related system codes.

What is the Diagnostic Manual for PACCAR MX?

2013 PACCAR MX Diagnostic Service Manual 307 | Page Handle connectors and pins with care and use matching measuring probes. Technical data Component check, fuel dosing valve (L124) Preparation x Key off the ignition x Remove connector L124 x Measure on the fuel dosing valve (L124)

What kind of powertrain does a PACCAR have?

Our Integrated Powertrain is engineered to bring power and performance together, so you can maximize your investments mile after mile. Our PACCAR MX Engines unite high performance with light-weight designs, giving you a reliable B10 design life of one million miles.

What does SPN 524287 fmi-31 mean?

Paccar had no clue what it meant so they just started throwing parts at it. After a Doser valve and humidity sensor the code went away on the dash. YEA! It came back on today. Now I have that code and another . SPN: 524287 FMI-31 . Anybody have a clue what any of these are? Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.

What is the p3833 code number on PACCAR mx-13?

P3833 Code number P3833 Fault code description Fuel dosing valve – Current too low or open circuit on ECU (D374) pin (A05) or pin (A29) Fault code information 1 trip MIL 3 drive cycle recovery Readiness group – None Freeze frame type – PM filter Description of component(s) Fuel dosing valve (L124)

When to reset condition of fault code PACCAR mx-13?

Set condition of fault code A short circuit to supply or open circuit is detected for 3 consecutive seconds. Reset condition of fault code To validate the repair, perform the DPF regeneration test in DAVIE. Once the temperatures in the aftertreatment systems are warm enough to inject fuel into the exhaust, the diagnostic runs.

Is there a problem with Paccar Regen while driving?

With an active CEL this may be disabling or preventing a passive regen while driving. Lots of EGR and other faults will not allow regeneration while active. As far as your trans issue ,start with the batteries and clean all cables and connections and have the batteries load tested.

What are the engine codes for a 2012 Peterbilt?

SPN 61446 and SPN 61448 are undocumented codes. Thanks in advance! (04-13-2015, 04:06 AM)Roadrunner Wrote: We are attempting to provide roadside service for a 2012 Peterbilt that has the engine de-rated, and is showing the subject codes. Does anyone have suggestions as to where to get the documentation for these.

Can a PACCAR Engine throw a NOx code?

P3812 EAS-3 NOx sensor after catalyst – CAN communication error. The engine will run fine with no aftertreatment. Wont even throw a code for a short time. Paccar training is all about looking upstream for the problem. Not what failed but why it failed. They treat a cel the same way.

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