What is Transclude in AngularJS directive?

What is Transclude in AngularJS directive?

Transclusion is a very powerful and useful feature of AngularJS directives. It allows a directive to use a template while still having the ability to clone the original content and add it to the DOM. Furthermore, as with element transclusion, there are many benefits to transclusion even without a template.

What is restrict option in directive?

Note: When you create a directive, it is restricted to attribute and elements only by default. In order to create directives that are triggered by class name, you need to use the restrict option. The restrict option is typically set to: ‘A’ – only matches attribute name. ‘E’ – only matches element name.

What is angular content projection?

Content projection is a pattern in which you insert, or project, the content you want to use inside another component. For example, you could have a Card component that accepts content provided by another component.

What is scope apply in AngularJS?

In AngularJS, $apply() function is used to evaluate expressions outside of the AngularJS context (browser DOM Events, XHR). Moreover, $apply has $digest under its hood, which is ultimately called whenever $apply() is called to update the data bindings. We will take an example to give a better understanding.

What is templateUrl in angular?

When you have a complex view, then it recommended by Angular to create that complex view in an external HTML file instead of an inline template. The Angular component decorator provides a property called templateUrl. This property takes the path of an external HTML file.

What is restrict in angular directive?

AngularJS Directive’s restrict key defines how a directive can be used in HTML. In previous post, our directive was created to be used as an attribute of an existing element, like which is the default behavior.

What is rootScope and scope in AngularJS?

9. 90. “$rootScope” is a parent object of all “$scope” angular objects created in a web page. $scope is created with ng-controller while $rootscope is created with ng-app .

What is the difference between $scope and scope?

In Angular js $scope is used whenever we have to use dependency injection (D.I) whereas as the scope is used for directive linking.

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