What kind of brakes does a Honda Gold Wing have?

What kind of brakes does a Honda Gold Wing have?

The Gold Wing 1500 rode on a 130/70-18 front tire and a 160/80-16 tire out back. It featured a dual-disc front brake and a single-disc rear brake. The rotors of both measured 11.22 inches. An air-adjustable suspension with on-board compressor helped keep the bike stable and well-sorted under varying loads and riding conditions.

Where do Honda GL 1500 Goldwing parts come from?

The ‘Extra Description’ field is provided for you to enter any additional important details about your part. The scrap industry in North America gets about 40% of the ferrous metal they use from recycled parts. Our environment is helped in many ways by your local motorcycle salvage yard.

Is the Honda GL1500 Gold Wing compatible with YouTube?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. Honda GL1500 Gold Wing: manuals, parts, microfiches.

When did the Honda Gold Wing come out?

The GL1500 Gold Wing was the fourth generation of Honda’s class-defining touring motorcycle. Introduced for the 1988 model year, it was larger, more powerful, more comfortable and more feature-packed than its predecessor. Throughout its 13-year production run, the Japanese company’s flat-six-powered tourer was the touring bike to beat.

When to replace brake pads on Honda Goldwing?

My front pads are in the good shape but the rear got totally wore out and I had them replaced while I was visiting in Indianapolis. (the dealership did it.) I had 23,000 or so miles on the bike and my ratio approximately 60/40% slab vs tweesties.

How many miles does a 1989 Gold Wing have?

Only 24,290 original miles!Great running and low miles! You might like these other Honda Motorcycles. This 1989 Honda gold wing has 56,957 miles. I just had Colchester cycle sales go through every inch of this bike EVERYTHING WORKS!Mechanically it’s 10…

What kind of bike is the Honda Gold Wing?

Honda Gold Wing, Aspencade: When it comes to touring, there’s really only one bike that should ever enter the conversation. That’s the Gold Wing, Honda powersports standard-bearer, the technological and luxury feature showcase rolled up into a machine Cycle World magazine has named one of its ‘Top 10 Bikes’ an incredible 17 times!

Can a Honda GL1800 rear use sintered brake pads?

On a GL1800 rear also uses a certain amount of front actuation, but not enough to upset the apple cart. I’m not a fan of aggressive sintered pads due to the increased rotor wear, so be careful just how aggressive the pads are if using sintered pads.

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