What kind of engine does a 92 Jimmy have?

What kind of engine does a 92 Jimmy have?

Have a ’92 Jimmy, 4WD, 4.3 engine with digital dash. When pulling the gas tank I broke a black wire w/white stripe coming out of the sending unit and going to wherever. I grounded the wire but the gau … read more

How does a fuel pump work on a gas gauge?

The fuel pump module includes the fuel sending unit, used by the gas gauge to detect and display fuel level. https://www.flickr.com/photos/3ndymion/33556245572. The gas gauge is a relatively simple circuit, but its simplicity means each component is essential to its function.

What are the parts of a gas gauge?

The gas gauge system can be broken down into three basic parts: gauge, sender, and circuit. A fault in one or more of these parts will lead to gas gauge failure. The sending unit is usually part of the Fuel Pump Module : a combination of parts that includes the fuel pump, fuel strainer, fuel filter, and fuel float.

What should I do if my gas gauge is not working?

Note that some self-test steps may stop the gas gauge at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4, as well. Fuel sender test. The fuel sender test should be conducted when the tank is lower than HALF, to prevent fuel splashing. Start by making sure the plug is clean, dry, and free of corrosion. Make sure the pins are straight and that the connector is fully seated.

How is the fuel gauge connected to the tank?

There is also a float-like instrument inside your gas tank that is connected to a rheostat (or resistance-sweep…think of a volume knob on a stereo) which communicates directly to the fuel gauge.

What to do if your fuel gauge is wrong?

The MeterMatch interface is a problem-solver that installs between the fuel sender and gauge to correct ohm mismatch and erratic movement due to fuel slosh. To calibrate MeterMatch, set the sender to a known value. For example, fill your fuel tank.

Why does my gas gauge read full after a fill up?

When your fuel level is full, the electrical resistance at the sender changes, sends the signal to the gauge, and this is what causes the gauge to read as full after a fill-up. Depending on the level of electrical resistance, the fuel gauge changes to reflect the level of gas in the tank.

How does a gas gauge work in a toilet?

The best way to explain the mechanics behind a gas gauge is to visualize a toilet float valve. Inside of your toilet’s tank there is a float arm. This float arm is how your toilet knows to shut off the water valve after you have flushed and the tank has refilled.

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