What kind of noise does a GMC Yukon make?

What kind of noise does a GMC Yukon make?

Recently I noticed a thumping noise from the right passenger area that is present with the car is at idle (it is not loud enough to be heard if the car is moving) and when the ignition is on but the engine is off. Any thoughts? Wasn’t sure where to post this but we just last week a 2004 Yukon.

What’s the clunking noise from the rear of my car?

Q: Clunking noise from the rear passenger side when going over uneven roads or bumps. Hi there! So I’ve been hearing clunking noise from my car lately.

Why is my Honda Civic making a clunking noise?

It’s common for struts and stabilizer bar bushings to wear out first among suspension components (especially on the rear end of a front wheel drive vehicle like you’re Honda Civic).

Why does my GMC Yukon knock at cold starts?

Hi, I have a 2008 Gmc yukon denali with 6.2 v8 engine 108500 miles, it knocks at cold starts up for 5 seconds and the noise goes away as the engine temperature comes to normal. What is the next step to solve this problem? Minutes. After start. The dealer agrees something Is wrong but Gm won’t do anything. ’07 Yukon Denali. Came from California.

Are there any problems with the GMC Yukon?

GMC Yukon owners have reported 13 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of GMC Yukon based on all problems reported for the Yukon.

When does a GMC Sierra Denali knock the dash?

2013 Sierra Denali 1500 6.2L 57000 knocks at any temp until the engine warms up. It is worse when the temp is below 50 degrees. The dash is also cracked. This GMC has been nothing but a disappointment!

Where was the 2005 GMC Yukon XL purchased?

No accident or damage reported to CARFAX. 1st owner purchased on 05/20/05 and owned in NC until 04/23/07 • 2nd owner purchased on 05/02/07 and owned in NC until 10/10/13 • 3rd owner purchased on 10/10/13 and owned in VA until .

What kind of steering does GMC Yukon XL have?

Optional Quadrasteer four-wheel steering on the Yukon XL 2500 allows the rear wheels to turn slightly in conjunction with the front wheels to improve maneuverability. Built on a 130-inch wheelbase, the Yukon XL has four side doors and stretches to 219.3 inches long overall.

When was the GMC Yukon XL last serviced?

Mileage: 213,369 miles Body Type: SUV Color: Beige Engine: 8 Cyl 5.3 L No accident or damage reported to CARFAX. Purchased on 07/23/05 and owned in CA until 05/20/21. Driven an estimated 8,334 miles/year. Last serviced at 132,351 miles in Sonoma, CA on 05/28/21 • Vehicle serviced • Safety inspection performed.

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